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Nov 10, 2006 02:19 AM

Shopping for Irish black pudding-Atlanta

Does anyone know of any sources to purchase Irish black and/or white pudding in the Atlanta area? We typically buy this online but the shipping is over the top sometimes. Thanks for any help.

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  1. I'd try caling Savor Specialty Foods on Roswell and seeing if they know. The owners are very friendly and helpful and if they don't carry it they may have a recommendation.

    1. Thanks LizATL..I'll give them a shot. I thought for sure there would be more places than just one though to find thisin Atlanta. Maybe I should have looked towards New York instead. Too bad I don't live closer.

      1. I did a quick Google search and it looks like Meehan's and Fado both have it on the menu, so you might be able to get it at one of those spots. I am not very familiar with Irish food, so I didn't even think of them at first.

        Alon's Bakery in Virginia Highland's might also know where you could purchase a pudding.

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          Liz- black pudding is blood sausage. You'd probably have more luck at a butcher than at Alon's. That said, I don't have any leads.


          1. re: ted

            LOL!! That is what I get for not looking it up first. My Polish relatives would call it kieshka but it would be made with barley/kasha.

            Since it is sausgae, I'd definitely ask at Patak: They have a lot of eastern european sausages and may have something similar, if not exactly the same as "black and white pudding".

            And I have even been to Scotland....just didn't make the connection.

            1. re: LizATL

              Cool. I have no idea if Patak has those sausages, but I'd been meaning to look them up. Didn't realize they're local. Was on the hunt for andouille this weekend for jambalaya, and YDFM doesn't carry the Patak version any more. Both YDFM and Whole Foods had some foofy turkey "andouille" that I couldn't bring myself to buy. Ended up with a smoked German sausage, but the result just wasn't quite as good.

              1. re: ted

                Patak is awesome and very, very inexpensive (shhh, no one tell them!). I live about 20 miles away but make the treck about every two months for stocking up on fresh sausages - the best I've ever had, no grizzle, well spiced-, cold cuts - corned beef for $3.99 a pound-, and, of course, smoked meat items. Their smoked ham hocks are enormous and delicious. Wide variety of sausages as well. I think that their product is much better directly from their store rather than from YDFM.

                If you are specifically looking for cajun stuff, there is a cajun place in Sandy Springs and another in Marietta. Let me know if you are interested and can't find the names - I can look them up for you.

                1. re: LizATL

                  Cajun Meat Company is in East Lake Shopping Center on Roswell in Marietta.