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Nov 10, 2006 02:08 AM

East Village for 5 days

I'm coming from LA and looking for really good inexpensive lunch and dinners. I get all the great mexican and japanese food here I can handle, so I'm looking for anything but.
I loved Supper and the Spotted Pig on my last trip. I'd prefer to stay downtown.
Best Pizza in the East Village? Una Pizza Naploetana?
Best Italian?
Best Dessert?
Best Chinese?
Thanks for your help!

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  1. Best dessert: Veneiro's (Italian pastries)

    Do a search on "east village cheap", then order by date so you're getting the latest stuff. This topic comes up alot.

    So does Spotted Pig fall under cheap? If so, you can fit most of the East Village under that.

    1. Best dessert: Black Hound for cakes, tarts, etc. Or Sundaes & Cones (I think that's the name?) is worth checking out for unusual flavors in addition to the standards.

      Best Chinese: might as well go down to Chinatown for that.

      Best Italian: Cacio e Pepe. Maybe Hearth too, though it's not classically Italian per se. It's not too cheap either.

      Best diner: B&H, Veselka, Christine's, Neptune, Little Poland, etc.

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      1. re: janethepain

        "Best Chinese: might as well go down to Chinatown for that."

        I _disagree_. Best Chinese in the East Village: Grand Sichuan St. Marks (between 2nd and 3rd Avs.).

        Hearth is much better than Cacio e Pepe, wouldn't you say? And it's pretty Italian.

        If we're including Polish and Ukranian restaurants as diners, you left out Teresa's, which is better than some of the places you mentioned (I like Little Poland, though, to a point).

        1. re: Pan

          Grand Sichuan IS good, but you're still a stone's throw from Chinatown, which is cheaper and more varied. But yes, strictly in the East Village, I'd count my vote for GS as well.

          Hearth is really different from Cacio e Pepe, in my mind. And definitely not inexpensive, which is what the OP is looking for.

          I'll also throw in Pommes Frites for a snack/meal.

          1. re: janethepain

            I agree that Hearth and Cacio e Pepe are *totally* different, both when it comes to cuisine, ambiance, and cost. Hearth's food is New American with a hat tip to Italian, while CeP is Italian through and through. As for the surroundings, Hearth is a big place with the kind of minimalist decor that I like to describe as "early industrial." Fortunately, the lighting goes a long way towards providing a feeling of warmth. CeP's space is small and cozy though during the warm weather months, there is the addition of both sidewalk and rear garden dining. Finally, as you said, Hearth is more expensive than CeP.

            1. re: janethepain

              Yep, Hearth is definitely not inexpensive - ~$60/person.

        2. Mazzer, I just had some appetizers at Spotted Pig, so it wasn't bad at all in price. Most people seem to mention Franks and Max on the boards.
          I guess Franks is owned by the same people who owned Supper which I loved and thought was an incredible bargain. Any big differences between Franks, Lil' Frankies and Supper?
          I have eaten at Cacio e Pepe - loved that too, but a little less fun atmosphere than Supper. I've also been to Veselka and most deli's.
          Thanks for the suggestions! Keep 'em coming.

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          1. re: duckduckgoose

            franks is really good food, similar to supper but the service is a little more gruff and the food i think is a little better. supper is a little more roomy inside though, franks gets really packed. both good times though.

            try cafe mogador for brunch.

          2. Try Virage for the lunch specials. It is located at 118 2nd Ave @ 7th St; 212 253-8297.

            1. I, too, really like Teresa's. The pierogis there are very good. I believe they put in chicken broth in the fillings or something to get an extra savory kick. Also, the atmosphere is very different inside from Veselka or Odessa, etc.

              I prefer Via Della Pace or Paprika for cheaper italian -- neither will blow your socks off but they are very good values.

              Seconding Veniero's (italian) and Black Hound (gourmet cookies and cakes) as good dessert spots. I'd also grab a cookie and an organic coffee at Build a Green Bakery on 1st Avenue and 13th Street.

              Una Pizza Napoletana is very good but not really cheap. For pizza, I'd throw Vinny Vincenz (1st Avenue and 14th St) into the mix (very good square slices). And Singas Pizza (2nd Ave between 11th & 12th St) for a very different, non-New York style pie -- it's Indian style and from Queens. I really like their jalapeno pepper topping. Oh, and Luzzo's on 1st between 12th and 13th. Try the spicy Salami Piccante.

              I know you said you didn't want Japanese (all types or just no on sushi?), but Cafe Zaiya has very good Japanese-style pastries like curry pan for a quick cheap snack (3rd Avenue between 7th and St Marks).

              Or Otafuku (9th between 2nd and 3rd) for okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake) and takoyaki (octopus fritters). Not sure if you can get that stuff out in LA.

              Additionally, Caracas Arepas Bar is great Venezuelan (E 7th St between 1st Ave & Ave A).

              Momofuku has excellent, fatty pork belly buns (1st Ave between 10th & 11th St) and the sister restaurant Ssam Bar offers up Korean-style burritos by day and those same fatty pork belly buns by night (2nd Ave at 13th St). At $9, the pork buns aren't super-cheap, but they are very filling, and hit the spot if you're a pork lover.

              Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches is on 2nd St and A and they serve, well, Vietnamese Sandwiches. They also have great lemonade.

              I've heard good thigns about Sigiri (Sri Lankan) on First bewteen 5th and 6th but haven't been yet...

              There''s also hot dogs: Crif Dogs on St Marks and Avenue A for Jersey-style deep-fried (but not battered) dogs, and Dawgs on Park (7th Street between A and B).

              And don't miss Tuck Shop on 1st and 1st for an Australian Meat Pie. Get a "chook" (chicken) and slather it with ketchup. Sounds gross, tastes good.