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Nov 10, 2006 01:58 AM

Cozy pub on the Piccadilly line?

Hello fellow chowhounders!

I'll be in London on a stopover for about 12 hours and am looking for a nice, comfy pub (or ethnic restaurant) that I can access from the Piccadilly line - closer to Heathrow would be preferable, as I don't want to travel too far into central London. I'm meeting some friends from outside of London and we'll want a more subdued atmosphere, as we'll want to catch up. We're looking for good food and friendly service; a place where we can hang out for a while. Alternatively, if you could recommend a couple of places in the same vicinity, we'd be more than happy to pub-hop.

Nothing posh, expensive or pretentious please!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I think the King's Head on Hogarth place is nice.

    If you take the East exit from the Earl's court Tube stop, cross the street and go down Hogarth Street. The Hogarth Place branch is just down the way and the pub is on the left hand side of the alleyway.

      1. I really like the Scarsdale. It's very cozy, and the food is really dependable. You can get there from Earl's Court tube--maybe about a 10 minute walk?

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          Terrific! Is there anything in particular that you would recommend I order there? Is there an authentic British pub dish that they do well?

        2. I think they have a pie or two--but the menu is more "modern"--burgers, steaks, sandwiches. If you're looking for fish and chips, shepherd's pie, etc. this is not the place for you. I believe they even have nachos on the menu every so often. :) But it's very cute and cosy and has very nice staff...