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Nov 10, 2006 01:42 AM

Okay MSP chowhounds, plan my wedding reception

Another chowhound bites the dust. I got engaged last week. But now I need to KNOW!
Best caterer? Best location with in house food?

We're looking for about 150 people next October.


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  1. The courtyard of the Mill City Museum is a beautiful spot and D'Amico is their in house caterer. If you want to go the hotel route I organized a charity event at the Graves Hotel last year and the food was fantastic. On more of the DIY end we went to a wedding recently that had food from Broders and it was wonderful.

    If you're thinking of doing favors, we got truffles from B.T. McElrath for our wedding last month. Rick was wonderful to work with and so helpful. They custom designed the box of 2 truffles to match our decor.

    1. Wow - congrats!

      Graves - been to nice events there (helped with f&b at one) - 150 would be a great fit for their space! $$$$

      Chambers - haven't personally been yet - DH's work xmas party is coming up there - I'll report back... (much smaller than 150) Probably $$$$ as well....

      St Paul Hotel - I went to a wedding there a few years back and it was excellent.

      Broders is always good for catering.

      I'll be back after some brainstorming!!!

      Don't forget you'll need something for the rehersal dinner....

      DO you need my address? Oct 2007 is wide open!

      1. We had our reception at The University Club on Cedar in downtown St Paul. The food was great and we couldn't have asked for a nicer setting. Great place.

        1. We had good luck with D'Amico, though it was at the Van Dusen house in Minneapolis, which is too small for 150. But D'Amico's food was great.

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