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Feb 3, 2005 09:51 PM

source for verjus in SF?

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Does anyone know where I can buy verjus in SF or closeby? I searched the archives, but couldn't find anything.


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    Joan Kureczka

    I've seen Navarro's verjus at Boulette in the Ferry Building.

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    1. re: Joan Kureczka

      Also, if you order it from the winery via Ground shipment, it'll arrive in the bay area the following day.

      1. re: Joan Kureczka

        Thanks for the tip. I just gave them a call. They sell it for $20, and it's usually only $8.50 according to Navarro's website!

        I called up Navarro. they only 2 stores they know of in the area which stock their verjus are the Mill Valley Market and the North Berkeley Wine Store (on MLK). the Navarro winery itself is out of verjus, so they're unable to fulfill any orders right now. my best bet might be Boulette's after all.


        1. re: mbharrin

          The bottle of Navarro verjus doesn't cost much, but I remember the shipping charge being high when I ordered from them about five years ago. It's so well packed to avoid breakage, obviously. At the time I hadn't tried verjus before and didn't want to risk ordering more than one bottle, but if I had known how good it is I would have ordered more to make shipping worthwhile. Next I tried Consorzio or maybe Fusion and it was awful. So much for easy availability. Between retail markup and Ferry Bldg. location and most prices a little higher there anyway, Boulette's price for Navarro verjus might not be that bad. Did you catch how much shipping was from Navarro's? I'd order it again if I needed some.

          1. re: Iguana
            Robert Lauriston

            Navarro's shipping is $9 for 1 to 3 750ml bottles, $10 for 4 to 6, $14 for 7 to 12. So if you order one $9.75 bottle, it's $18.75 delivered; if you order 12, after the 10% case discount it's $9.94 per bottle.

            But they're currently sold out of verjus.

      2. I found it at Drager's in Menlo Park shortly before the holidays.

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        1. re: wlw18

          Oops, I meant in San Mateo.

        2. r
          Robert Lauriston

          I got some stuff in a box recently and it was awful. Get the Navarro.

          1. I saw it the other day at the pasta shop in oakland. it was the company Verjus i think....the Navarro is amazing but I wouldn't want to cook just anything in it, it's deelish enough to drink.

            1. Robert Mondavi Jr. started a company a few years back making Verjus under the "Fusion Foods" brand. I believe that's the one the Shuna is talking about. It was intended for cooking as an alternative to vinegars when very strong acidity was not needed.


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              1. re: Curtis
                Robert Lauriston

                That's the stuff I tried recently. Nasty-tasting, used it in one dish, which it halfway ruined, poured out the rest.

                Navarro's verjus, on the other hand, is great stuff.

                1. re: Curtis

                  Rob Mondavi had nothing to do with Fusion Verjus. I started the company and own it!

                  It is available in the Bay area from Pacific Gourmet 415.641.8400