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Nov 10, 2006 01:39 AM

Favorite Roasting Pan?

I'm 28 and I'm cooking my first Thanksgiving turkey this year, for my boyfriend's parents and brothers.

Please tell me about your favorite roasting pans, no matter what the price (though I want to spend $100 or less). I want to purchase something that is good quality, that I can use for years, and I plan to make gravy in it, so I need a pan that will hold up on the stovetop.

Thanks for your advice!

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  1. I use a Calphalon Tri-Ply stainless. I think it works wonderfully and doesn't have the high price tag a All-clad would bring, but the quality is equivalent. It comes with a non-stick roasting rack which works well. There's no question in my opinion, I'd buy the Calphalon again.

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      I also have a Calphanon roasting pan w/rack courtesy of my wonderful gf @ last xmas. I couldn't say if it's tri-ply or just stainless, but either way it works wonderfully, and is my favorite new'ish addition to our kitchen. The rack more than easily holds a smallish chicken, and two would fit if I wanted them to. Veggies for 4 fit amply and roast evenly. I don't know what else I could ask from a roasting pan, and so am quite happy with it!


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        I have some generic commercial roasting pans, but I had never seen the Calphalon tri-ply designs until you mentioned it. I have a few pieces of the original Calphalon and its not something that I like to use. Most of my cookware is the All-Clad master chef line, but I cannot justify the price of All-clad's roasters when I can buy very serviceable commercial aluminum or stainless pieces for $30-40.
        If cost is no object and you like to look, then I would suggest the All-Clad, but the Calphalon looks like a very nice alternative. Sitram also makes some nice residental cookware that might be worth investigating.

      2. I actually ended up going to a restaurant supply store here in LA, Surfa's, and got a very basic aluminum roasting pan and a separate, heavy duty non-stick V rack, and I think it's going to do the trick (and for only $25!)

        I do kind of lust after the All Clad roaster, but I decided to see how my first turkey went before I made that kind of investment!

        Thanks for the advice!

        1. We have a Kitchenaid roasting pan and it's wonderful. Not cheap, IMO ($99)but a much better deal than the All-Clad. As far as I can tell, they're virtually identical. My mom swears by those round bottomed, dome-lidded black roasters-- have no idea what they're called but they're cheap and do produce a fine bird. Glad you found something you're happy with!

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            You mean the enameled aluminum covered roasters? They are definitely underappreciated. I wouldn't use one for a situation where the pan liquid might be too little and burn, but otherwise, they should not be sniffed at. I have an All Clad that I use for certain things, and a big rectangular enameled aluminum covered roaster for other things. Both are good for their respective jobs.

          2. Yes, enameled aluminum! She has a number of sizes. I agree that they are under-appreciated. If I had more room I'd probably swipe one of hers...

            1. I picked one up at Costco for about $30 forever ago that looks for all the world like the expensive name-brand roasters but it has a non-stick interior. Last year My sister bought a similar one at someplace like Linens and Things for about the same price. Both had racks, are about 1/4 thick so they can be used stovetop to make gravy. Also useable for crowd-sized lasagnas, jambalayas, etc.
     has one that will hold a 25 pound turkey for $49.95 if you can't find something locally. During the holidays, you should be able to get a good deal on something that will be useful for years.
              Just be sure it fits in your oven. I have a commercial roaster that is too big for my convection oven.