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Favorite Roasting Pan?

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I'm 28 and I'm cooking my first Thanksgiving turkey this year, for my boyfriend's parents and brothers.

Please tell me about your favorite roasting pans, no matter what the price (though I want to spend $100 or less). I want to purchase something that is good quality, that I can use for years, and I plan to make gravy in it, so I need a pan that will hold up on the stovetop.

Thanks for your advice!

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  1. I use a Calphalon Tri-Ply stainless. I think it works wonderfully and doesn't have the high price tag a All-clad would bring, but the quality is equivalent. It comes with a non-stick roasting rack which works well. There's no question in my opinion, I'd buy the Calphalon again.

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      I also have a Calphanon roasting pan w/rack courtesy of my wonderful gf @ last xmas. I couldn't say if it's tri-ply or just stainless, but either way it works wonderfully, and is my favorite new'ish addition to our kitchen. The rack more than easily holds a smallish chicken, and two would fit if I wanted them to. Veggies for 4 fit amply and roast evenly. I don't know what else I could ask from a roasting pan, and so am quite happy with it!


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        I have some generic commercial roasting pans, but I had never seen the Calphalon tri-ply designs until you mentioned it. I have a few pieces of the original Calphalon and its not something that I like to use. Most of my cookware is the All-Clad master chef line, but I cannot justify the price of All-clad's roasters when I can buy very serviceable commercial aluminum or stainless pieces for $30-40.
        If cost is no object and you like to look, then I would suggest the All-Clad, but the Calphalon looks like a very nice alternative. Sitram also makes some nice residental cookware that might be worth investigating.

      2. I actually ended up going to a restaurant supply store here in LA, Surfa's, and got a very basic aluminum roasting pan and a separate, heavy duty non-stick V rack, and I think it's going to do the trick (and for only $25!)

        I do kind of lust after the All Clad roaster, but I decided to see how my first turkey went before I made that kind of investment!

        Thanks for the advice!

        1. We have a Kitchenaid roasting pan and it's wonderful. Not cheap, IMO ($99)but a much better deal than the All-Clad. As far as I can tell, they're virtually identical. My mom swears by those round bottomed, dome-lidded black roasters-- have no idea what they're called but they're cheap and do produce a fine bird. Glad you found something you're happy with!

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            You mean the enameled aluminum covered roasters? They are definitely underappreciated. I wouldn't use one for a situation where the pan liquid might be too little and burn, but otherwise, they should not be sniffed at. I have an All Clad that I use for certain things, and a big rectangular enameled aluminum covered roaster for other things. Both are good for their respective jobs.

          2. Yes, enameled aluminum! She has a number of sizes. I agree that they are under-appreciated. If I had more room I'd probably swipe one of hers...

            1. I picked one up at Costco for about $30 forever ago that looks for all the world like the expensive name-brand roasters but it has a non-stick interior. Last year My sister bought a similar one at someplace like Linens and Things for about the same price. Both had racks, are about 1/4 thick so they can be used stovetop to make gravy. Also useable for crowd-sized lasagnas, jambalayas, etc.
              Chefscatalog.com has one that will hold a 25 pound turkey for $49.95 if you can't find something locally. During the holidays, you should be able to get a good deal on something that will be useful for years.
              Just be sure it fits in your oven. I have a commercial roaster that is too big for my convection oven.