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any dining suggestions for this area? we will be staying at the best western grosvenor hotel, 380 s. airport blvd

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  1. There is a decent Vietnamese place called Petite Camille or something like that on El Camino in Millbrae. Standard Vietnamese. Also, Kincaids on the Bay, although is a corporate type place, still has pretty good stuff--seafood and meats. Not my favorite, but reliable.

    1. Strangly enough I know of a place. I live in SF and had to meet someone close to the airport. This place is on the water near SFO. It's old school steak house interior and was jamming. The food was pretty darn good.

      Kincaid's Bayhouse

      (650) 342-9844
      60 Bay View Pl, Burlingame, CA 94010

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        Kincaid's is a chain. Despite the different names, Horatio's in San Leandro and Skates on the Bay in Berkeley are basically branches of Kincaid's.


      2. i'd make my way over to broadway st. hotaru, sushi sam's, yum.

        max's opera cafe is on airport blvd i believe. maybe a 'last resort' to many but i'd go there.

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          I heard today that Max's was just renovated, I don't think they'll have the same menu.

          If you're willing to a bit further south, there are quite a few places in Burlingame (on or just off Burlingame Ave):
          Crepevine (casual)
          Steelhead Brewery (casual)
          Sakae Sushi

        2. If you do a search you will find lots of posts on Hong Kong Flower Lounge in Millbrae, just a few minutes and one exit south of the SFO airport. If for any reason you don't have a car, take your hotel shuttle back to the airport, get on BART, and go one station to the end at Milbrae: HKFL is right across the street. It is mentioned most often for dim sum, but I've enjoyed dinner there too.

          If ou want something cheaper, check out Broadway Bistro a few blocks away, on Broadway. Chinese and American dishes: I had a decent hot pot there the other night which I will post on seperately, soon...

          1. In South San Francisco is an oustanding taqueria, Taqueria La Morena on Baden Avenue. Along or close to El Camino, from South San Francisco to Millbrae, is a great vietnamese restaurant in the Bayhill Shopping Center off of San Bruno Ave (vietnam village), Tribu Grill (filipino), Rib Shack (next to Tribu), Zen Peninsula, China Family Bistro, the Kitchen, and Fook Yuen (all on El Camino in Millbrae), In and Out Burger on Millbrae Avenue, and Juban (japanese yakiniku), Mivan (middle eastern), and Rocca (italian) on Broadway in Burlingame.

            1. It's definitely not Haute Cuisine, but Peter's (a diner) makes some pretty good stuff. Their chicken fried steak is good, as are the stuffed peppers.

              It's pretty cheap too.

              1. We only book flights that would sync up to a bowl of ramen at Santa Ramen in San Mateo - it is that good!

                1. Why is it that no one ever sends people to Grand Avenue in South San Francisco? IMO it is closer than most of the places mentioned and there are good restaurants there. There is a wine bar just around the corner from this Mexican/Bolivian restaurant.

                  There's a Thai restaurant next door to El Charro that has gotten a few positive post on the board as well as a few Italian joints ... and it is just so close to the airport.

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                    In South SF there's also Villa del Sol (Argentine) and the Basque Cultural Center.

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                      There is also San Mateo Ave in San Bruno, lots of good small places.

                    2. Also a Chinese/Cantonese seafood restaurant that is reportedly even better nowadays whose English name escapes me at the moment. And they do dim sum during lunch weekdays and weekends. Dinner was great for me last time I went which was nearing 2 years ago. Family says it is still good. Yep it is on Grand as well.

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                        Maybe you're thinking of Grand Palace? Chef Mok left to open Taipan in Palo Alto, then went to R&G Lounge. Don't know if he's still there. Any recent experience there?

                      2. Yes correct! Grand Palace is that very restaurant. Sorry nothing first hand from me, it has been a while since I went. But my parents gave it two thumbs up (no details sorry).