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Nov 10, 2006 01:22 AM

Delivery (any kind!) in Mt. Vernon, Baltimore

There are so few delivery places in Baltimore that I've found! Please tell me I'm missing a few gems that will deliver to Mount Vernon.

I'm NOT looking for nearby carry-out places (sometimes you just feel too lazy or busy to go out). So far, my list includes...

Yung's Chinese food
Papa John's

...and that's IT! Any great suggestions? Any kind of food is welcome, so long as I don't have to go pick it up! :)

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  1. Looking through my collection of take-out menus, in addition to those you have above I found the following that deliver:

    Al Pacino Cafe
    Oriole Pizza
    Joe Squared Pizza (IMO not that great but some would say that this is a true gem)
    Paul Chens Hong Kong Restaurant
    Afghan Kabob
    Pacific Seafood (I haven't, but has anyone ordered from them?)

    1. Joe Squared doesnt deliver,....

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      1. re: jes

        I had a pizza delivered from them summer, when did they stop delivering?

        1. re: viperlush

          my mistake i guess. i was sure they didnt deliver and even read it in the BoB City Paper in Sept. but I may be mistaken.

          1. re: jes

            If you look on their entry it says that t"We Deliver to the City of Baltimore. Charles Village, Bolton Hill, Mt. Vernon, and Station North only". Maybe the City Paper doesn't consider this delivery because they don't deliver to the whole city?

            Actually, might be a good place to look for other places that deliver in the Mt. Vernon area.

      2. The story related in the City Paper Best of Baltimore issue was that Joe Squared did not deliver, but that somebody on the CP staff had been there when somebody had called, and rather than saying they didn't deliver, the person at Joe Squared who answered the phone decided to do it, because it was a slow night. It may be that the prior poster who got a delivery pizza from Joe Squared over the summer was (without knowing it) the person who got that delivery.

        It's also possible that since the City Paper blatantly named Joe Squared "Best Delivery" in an attempt to get Joe Squared to offer delivery (they said it in print - I'm not making this up!), it may be that the "we deliver" ad that another poster cites is the result.

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        1. re: Warthog

          For the record, joe squared did not deliver for two months after we were open (thats 10 months ago we started delivery). That must be the last time city paper came in or ordered delivery. We don't promote delivery as we feel it is a bad way to taste our pizza. With the thin crust it really doesn't travel well. We try to recomend the half baked pizza that can be finished at home. Also, the city paper add refered to joe squared as "the best pizza we've had delivered to our door," so they must have eaten it.
          Thank you,

        2. Bella Roma, Jay's, Orient Express

          1. Cazbar on N. Charles.
            Afghan Kabob, noted above, has a minimum $ order, but not sure what it is. Used to be $15.

            XS, Viccino and Jays are the same operation and so you can mix and match from all their menus.

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            1. re: galleycat

              that i didn't know about xs/viccino/jay's i mean it makes SO much sense but you've just tied it all together.