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Nov 10, 2006 12:23 AM

Dungeness Crab almost in season, best place to buy/prices?

I called fish & game and they verified the season opens next Wednesday the 15th. So my question is, where is the best place to get fresh crabs in the City and what is a reasonable rate? Is there anyone who will definitely have the local crustaceans? I'd hate to go down to the wharf area, plus I'm sure that everything is marked up for tourists.

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  1. To really avoid the mark up, head to Half Moon Bay. I think the wharf area there is called Princeton.

    1. Chinatown should have good prices. Make sure they're very lively when you buy them.

      1. I'd also suggest Chinatown. The prices are volatile, depending on how good the catch and the weather. If it's storming overnight, the boats aren't likely to go out. On the other hand, some of the best prices I've seen are in Chinatown when it rains heavily during the day. The rain keeps the customers away and some of the smaller shops without tanks for long-term storage will mark down the prices drastically.

        1. Clement Street is even better than Chinatown. Actually, between 4th-10th ave on Clement probably should be called Chinatown West. Also, like the previous poster mentioned, Princeton by the Sea about 5 miles north of HMB would be good.

          1. You might check on the dates. I think Nov 15 might be the start of sport week later for commercial season. Call a seafood wholesaler to check. For prices, a lot depends on whether you want live or cooked crab. For live, many Chinatown and Clement markets have good prices. Many variables for cooked.

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              The season starts on the 15th but I was listening to the fishing show on KNBR last Sunday and at that time they have not agreed on the selling price of the crab from the docks. So if a price is not agreed on then you may have to go to Princeton.

              99 Ranch, Manila, Island Market near the City show have good prices.

              1. re: yimster

                I heard on the TV this morning that the wholesale price is $1.85/lb

                1. re: Sisiutl

                  the fishing boats went out yesterday and should be in today with their catch...will fresh crab be in the tanks on Clement Street today?