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Nov 9, 2006 11:57 PM

big nicks--- quick trip with kids after american museum of natural history

took the family after museum run--place is a definite dive. Here's the grades on food-- pizza C (AVERAGE), burger B+ (extra points with the flax/ high fiber bread), chicken sandwich C (at 11$ for deluxe it is not cheap either), milkshake D (very thin and more like vanilla milk), fries C, salad - B. Next time in the area would skip and try other places inearby such as for pizza- patsys, diner- EJs, ...when you're with the kids. One plus -The menu is fun to read at big nicks

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  1. menu/staff/decor very entertaining. food not so great EXCEPT the steak fries mmmmmm. mac & cheese gross. pizza - not so good.

    1. pizza's not bad, but more "takeout slice" quality than "sit-down restaurant."

      i like their brunch/breakfast foods - eggs and omelets, pancakes, etc.

      the menu's huge, though, so of course it's hit and miss. i go to big nick's when i want dive food, not gourmet or "cute neighborhood joint" food.

      1. Big Nick should be judged against other diners--the place is often full while several other diner within 2 blocks are totally empty. Why would you compare a slice at Big Nicks to Patsy's--apples to oranges?? Do you walk down the street with a slice from Patsy's? And, while I like EJ's as well, its not a huge leap forward in terms of taste and preparation.

        1. Big Nick's: Some like the pizza, I wouldn't touch it. The burgers are very good and I think they still make the old small burger on the children's menu which used to be their regular burger. It's terrific, but the fries are awful unless you like frozen fries that turn to mush inside when dropped in hot oil.

          We generally go to Nick's for breakfast. The fried eggs and omelets are done in a small pan, not on a huge grill, and hardly ever singed unlike at EVERY other diner in NY. The home fries/hash browns are excellent but they do vary from day to day. Also you can't beat the fresh squeezed OJ, all part of the special.