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Nov 9, 2006 11:51 PM

Buy, buy, buy: Extra Heavy Duty Reynolds Foil

Some wonderful person on the Board alerted me to this product last year - its only available at holiday times and only in certain stores; Albertsons in Los Angeles stocks it and I already bought five rolls last week cleaning out the shelf. It is incredible to use, thick, pliant and no leaks, NONE. I plan to buy another load to last me all year, its that good.

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  1. I also like this product. I have been buying it by the case (12 rolls in the box) from Albertson's in Westlake Village. (I did post on this a while back.) The manager there, Mike, told me that it is easy to order from the warehouse since it is an item that they carry on their books; they do not, however, currently stock it on the shelves in this particular store. I have to date ordered two cases, and each time it takes only about a day or so to have it ready for purchase.

    Perhaps if you talk with the manager of your store you can learn if it is readily available at your call; then, you won't need to clean out the shelves every time -- just knowing that it is always just a phone call away. This is just a thought because I know that it takes up a lot of room to store many, many rolls!

    1. We call it "MAN foil" at our house, as in "manly man".
      I love it too!

      1. How weird, you only get it once a year? It's never not been on the shelf here in NYC when I looked for it and in fact, they've recently added a short-roll version which is handy instead of those huge long rolls they only sold for years.