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Nov 9, 2006 11:13 PM

ISO good place for early dinner near the Wiltern...

Hi Hounds,
I'm going to a concert at the Wiltern tomorrow and would like to eat nearby and only park once!
Any food, any price, as long as it's chowhound worthy.


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  1. i have a feeling there is gonna be a lot of "go to opus" let me be the first one.

    go to opus. =)

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    1. I avoided posting earlier because Opus was the obvious choice. I know of nothing else that wouldn't require reparking, but last time I went I ate at Papa Christos first. Its only a short ride away, and the parking is free.

      Good fresh informal Greek food -- if you'd prefer a quicker and cheaper alternative to Opus.

      1. We're going to see Lindsay too...and are going to a 6 PM dinner at Opus.

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        1. re: NAspy

          Thanks, all! We'll be at Opus at 6 pm, too.
          Lindsay is going to be great!!!


        2. Yep - definitely Opus! And go for the spontaneous tasting if you have the time (I blogged about the whole "3-course" schbeal here)

          Of course, do report back your experiences!