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Nov 9, 2006 10:34 PM

Is the Max Brenner Store in Union Square kosher?

I mean the restaurant and store? I know they have an actual restaurant and then also have a shop where you can buy chocolate. And has anyone tried the chocolate? Is it good? And if it is kosher, is everything kosher in the shop? What Hashgacha is it under? Thanks!!

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  1. the restaurant is not kosher. The chocolates that are pre-packaged are kosher under Nazeret hasgacha in Israel

    1. I have had the Max Brenner chocolates in Israel- they are quite good and very gourmet.

      1. I went thinking that it was kosher and had a little box of milk chocolate with crystallized orange peel and caramelized pecans and a mexican hot chocolate. It was the most delicious treat I've had by far. Its expensive and not something I'd have often (I don't even want to think about calories!) but well worth it occasionally, in my opinion. Now I know that the boxed chocolate is kosher and that the restaurant isn't, is there any problem with having the hot chocolate?

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          You'd probably have to ask your rabbi or consult an authority you trust.