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Nov 9, 2006 10:06 PM

Johnny's Dock, Tacoma ?

We are looking for a casual, lunchtime place during the week, that serves seafood. Somebody suggested Johnny's Dock. How is the food there?

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  1. D.P., I would describe their food as about the same as an Anthony's. (Service is generally more professional.) There is a new Duke's Chowderhouse on Ruston that offers a slightly better option--especially the chowders. (That is, if the location is convenient.) My first suggestion would be Indochine for Pan Asian. Their seafood is superior to both if Asian works for you. Indochine is located across from the Museums downtown on Pacific. If they offer their tuna dish at lunch, it's an absolute must.

    1. Well, we aren't fans of Anthony's at all, so Johnny's sounds like it is out. Is Indochine too formal for a casual lunch? What is Dukes like?

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        D.P. Neither restaurant is really formal. You can definitely has a casual lunch at either spot.

      2. Warning - went to Johnny's Dock and all 3 of us dining had the worst meals we'd ever had in WA.