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Nov 9, 2006 10:03 PM

Bombay Cafe being sold

Posting notice just went up on the Bombay Cafe on Pico near Bundy. It is being sold to Kamaljit Singh and Paramjit Kaur, the owners of Nawab of India on Wilshire in Santa Monica.

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  1. To me personally, I'm not surprised as it was never the same, (more expensive, less food, & not as tasty) after they moved form their original (birthing) location on the 2nd level at Bundy & Santa Monica Blvd. (where they recieved lots of well-earned favorable press).

    1. when do they transition out? i was so looking forward to having dinner there ...

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      1. re: Baby Ruth

        Could be any day, yet postings take at least 60 days to be finalyzed (30 on window and 30 heading for Sacto for final paperwork).
        Sometimes buyers take early possession, and sometimes they just wait out the entire time period. Application indicated keeping the same name.