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Nov 9, 2006 09:55 PM

Good Italian Restaurant in Atlanta

Can anyone recommend a good Italian Restaurant in Atlanta? (or Gwinnett or DeKalb)
I am looking for either for an up-scale or family type but not a chain like Maggiano’s or Macaroni grill.
I would appreciate your opinions.

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  1. I would recommend the following, but it all depends on what you are really looking for (atmosphere, regional cuisine, etc.)
    None of these is really "family style" but there are no really upscale Italian spots in Atlanta like you might find in San Francisco or New York. Pricci and Veni Vidi Vici try to be that but I don't recommend either.

    Baraonda in midtown (reasonable prices, great pizzas and pastas. Italian owners)
    Enoteca Carbonari near Baraonda (wine and small plates although they have recently added a more substantial large plate selection. this place is new and if you order well, it's very good. ask the owner Mario for suggestions)
    Sotto Sotto in the Highlands (just voted restaurant of the year by the AJC for what it's worth)
    La Tavola in the Highlands (I had a nice meal there recently. Great back porch)
    La Grotta in Buckhead (in the basement of an apartment building serving northern italian. I had a great meal there a few years back for an anniversary..they serve regulars)
    Antica Posta in Buckhead for "authentic" Tuscan. The owner has a brother in Italy who runs a similar place. I've had several good meals there and it's a pretty room.
    Figo (excellent pastas. Italian owners)
    I can't tell you about Gwinnett or DeKalb but don't think there is much besides the chain route like Carrabba's (yuck).
    Each of the restaurants I listed have good websites.

    1. Alfredo's on Cheshire Bridge Rd. has great veal.
      I had the Veal Three Ways which was perfect for me.
      Their bread is really great also.

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        FWIW, Alfredo's, like it's southern-food neighbor on Cheshire Bridge, The Colonnade, is a timewarp back to the 70's. More southern than northern Italian.

        And Figo, while very good, is very casual (order/pay at bar before seating) and relatively inexpensive.

      2. LaGrotta - no question. Although Alfredo's is good, it's not really upscale. LaGrotta has absolutely fantastic service. I've been going there for almost 20 years and they still have much of the same staff. The Buckhead location is the original, but there is one in Dunwoody. Wonderful specials, and talk about great veal. No trendy entrees here, just truly fine, upscale Italian dining.

        1. The reviews have been excellent and it is an independent restaurant on Holcomb Bridge Road ..."di Paolo finds and uses only the finest and freshest ingredients to offer signature Italian cuisine. The menu changes seasonally to appropriately reflect the availability of the ripest ingredients. di Paolo promises authenticity in its cuisine, so when selecting from the wide array of appetizers, first and second courses, and desserts, you will be delighted to know that di Paolo places careful attention in every handcrafted dish."

          How good does that sound??

          1. I lived in Atlanta for 8 years and Italian food was one of my passion. =) Anyway I totally recommend Figo for quick and cheap good Italian meal. If you want something fancier, go to Sotto Sotto or Baraonda. Sotto Sotto has really good seafood risotto. I've been to Baraonda only once but the dish I had there was to die for. I love the salmone from Figo.
            Hope that helps.. I miss Figo so much now. Oh go to the one on Howell Mill. I like that one better than the one on Collier.
            As for Alfredo's, I've been there once and I'm not going back. The service was horrible and the food was not good in my opinion