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Nov 9, 2006 09:37 PM

Grace or Jar --- help me choose

Because of time and location contraints, I'm thinking Grace, or Jar for dinner tomorrow night with a friend. I've wanted to try both and so now's the time. I've read the reviews. I'm also thinking Sona. Help me choose! Thanks in advance.

ps. do either Grace or Jar have a tasting menu?

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    The above will provide some info on Grace. Heard they do tastings on T-Th, not weekends. Await confirmation from others.
    I prefer Jar, as I like its lack of stuffiness and its openness. Both do food very well and neither would be a disappointment whatsoever. will provide info.
    Sona tends to be a bit more precious, solemn, and a bit more exotic and expensive, and definitely does a tasting menu. I believe its website is
    All have good wine lists.
    Expand on what might tempt you to choose one over the other to help us out with your concerns.

    1. I absolutely love Sona. One of my favorite restaruants in LA. Grace is another fave for diff reasons. I know I can take anyone there and they will love it. Sona is more experimental and not for everyone, and if you go, you must do tasting menu. Jar I've only eaten at once for dinner, and thought it was fine but nothing stood out to me. I did have a great brunch there though.

      1. Grace is da place. Jar is good food, but the dining room leaves me wanting. Service at both places is excelent and the wine lists are competitive. The room at Grace is sublime. Sophisticated but comfortable. Try the donuts on Weds. nites only and the braised pork shank any time.

        1. Thanks for all the responses so far. It's kind of a last minute dinner with a friend and we'll be in casual wear since it's Friday (jeans/khakis). Would that be ok? Also, since neither Grace or Jar has a tasting menu, any dishes of note?

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            Personally, I would feel uncomfortable in jeans at Grace, yet not the case at Jar.
            That also said, there is just a more upbeat vibe at Jar, as the place is less formal, brighter, and just more "upbeat", as opposed to serious.
            ckbear offered 2 good recommendations. All veggie side dishes have been good. If butterscotch pudding is available, either on the menu or as a special, order it, assuming you like it. Truly wonderful.

          2. It's LA. Jeans are considered formal anywhere you go.
            That being said, I would put in a vote for JAR. I just think it's alot more fun and relaxed. If you go get the roast pork shank and the pot roast. :)