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Nov 9, 2006 09:06 PM

Purchasing fresh white and black truffles


What stores offer fresh white and black truffles for sale please?
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Savenor's has them (during the proper season). October is the height of white truffle-paluzza, while black truffles are in season pretty much all autumn into very early spring. White truffles should never be cooked, BTW.

    Call Savenor's and ask if they have them right now (actually, I was there today and didn't notice). They can also get them for you.

    1. Panzano in Southboro was just offering them.I think they have to order them.

      1. Salumeria Italiana in the North End.

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        1. re: Rubee

          Thanks for the suggestions so far, everyone. It's an expensive ingredient. So the more suggestions the better to comparison shop.

        2. I'm curious, how much does a small white truffle and a small black truffle cost? Unfortunately I suck at measurements so could you give me a rough estimate?

          also, have you tried the black truffle salt at cardullos? I have heard amazing things about this product.

          1. You might also check at the Cambridge FK?