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Nov 9, 2006 08:54 PM

Top Steak Houses in London

Please provide your top 3.

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  1. I only have one, The Rib Room at the Carlton Tower hotel. I think it is the best steak in London.

        1. I was in several steak houses. For me the best is Gaucho. Especcialy in Picadilly.

          By the way I found new resource for steak houses, it's still new, but suppose will be popular soon.


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          1. re: SteakyFan

            no, no, no, no!

            if you like the gaucho grill, try el gaucho - either the one by south ken station or the one by chelsea westminster hospital.

            promise: you'll do much better there than at the gaucho grill. especially if a dish of french fries with chopped sausage and a fried egg on top as an accompaniment floats your boat.

            1. re: SteakyFan

              I went to the Gaucho on Piccadilly for the first time on a Saturday night a couple of months back. The food was quite average, the service was terrible, and I had the uncomfortable feeling of being "processed" - it just seemed too cynical and corporate. Your mileage, and the quality of your steak, may vary...

            2. Kew Grill would also get my vote.

              I'm also a great fan of the Gaucho Grill in Manchester and assume that the various southern branches offer the same high quality meat and skill in cooking it.