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Top Steak Houses in London

Please provide your top 3.

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  1. I only have one, The Rib Room at the Carlton Tower hotel. I think it is the best steak in London.

        1. I was in several steak houses. For me the best is Gaucho. Especcialy in Picadilly.

          By the way I found new resource for steak houses, it's still new, but suppose will be popular soon.



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            no, no, no, no!

            if you like the gaucho grill, try el gaucho - either the one by south ken station or the one by chelsea westminster hospital.

            promise: you'll do much better there than at the gaucho grill. especially if a dish of french fries with chopped sausage and a fried egg on top as an accompaniment floats your boat.

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              I went to the Gaucho on Piccadilly for the first time on a Saturday night a couple of months back. The food was quite average, the service was terrible, and I had the uncomfortable feeling of being "processed" - it just seemed too cynical and corporate. Your mileage, and the quality of your steak, may vary...

            2. Kew Grill would also get my vote.

              I'm also a great fan of the Gaucho Grill in Manchester and assume that the various southern branches offer the same high quality meat and skill in cooking it.

              1. I've heard great things about Santa Maria del Buen Ayr in Broadway Market in Hackney. There's another branch in Battersea, on Queenstown Road (Santa Maria del Sur).

                I thought Gaucho Grill was mediocre, and very expensive. Mind you, steak is something I generally eat at home, not in restaurants.

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                  Netmover, imho no one should go to London to eat steak - any more than they'd travel to New York to enjoy spotted dick ! What the English do best, and what complements their beef, is roasts. If you want to enjoy beef, go to a top-level carvery and see your beef cut to order as it sits on a wonderful silver chariot. Simpsons in the Strand comes to mind - I am sure other hounds will make further recommendations. It won't be cheap - but it will be less costly than a steak, and infinitely better. If you MUST eat steak at exorbitant tariffs, then by all means go to the estimable Rib Room - Moz's advice is spot on.

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                    Hawksmoor in Shoreditch has the best reputation, but I haven't been myself. Tend to agree that you can just go to the same butcher as they do (Ginger Pig) and cook it yourself so why spend even more money. That said I go to Gaucho Grill on Chancery Lane often as is convenient and tend to be impressed, but prices can get silly with decent wine.

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                      I was disappointed with Hawksmoor the one time I went last November. To my own surprise, I was very impressed with Gaucho Grill Hampstead last summer, reminded me of steaks I have eaten in Argentina but we made sure to order from the menu of Argentinian steaks. And they also do a very tasty rendition of humita, the Andean corn-based dish, as a side. We ordered a superb Malbec from the reserve list and you're right to point out that prices can get silly with decent wine involved.