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Nov 9, 2006 08:50 PM

Favourite Cut of Steak?

This question came to mind while reading some posts about steakhouses where people seemed to be predominately talking about strip-steaks. I just don't get it. I decidedly prefer a rib steak over all others (except perhaps some hangar steak when I'm in the mood for something much gamier and kidney-like).

So what cut do you prefer? Why? Especially if it is strip that you prefer.

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  1. Rib and skirt. why? obvious - because they're marbled with fat.

    1. Ribeye (sometimes known as Spencer). I also like (New York) strips, especially if I'm in the mood for connective tissue. But the ribeye typically had better marbling.

      1. The more red meat I eat the more I tend towards the rib eye. It needs to be done slightly more than I would usually have it (medium) but when done right, it melts like buddah!

        1. Ribeye! Without a doubt! Filet too mushy or soft. New York or strip sometimes too chewy. Love the marbling in a fine ribeye!

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            Agree on filet...and there's not enough fat (marbling) to lend flavor, either. I wonder how it'd taste if you larded it with, say, bacon fat....

          2. Rib on the bone, hanger and flat iron. All for flavor of course. I sometimes get a porterhouse or t-bone but the first three are first choice. I used to love sirloin on the bone but thagt seems a thing of the past with butchering being done in centralized locations. Pity that!