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Fells Point/Inner Harbor

Any recommendations for a really good dinner in this area?

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  1. Nah, there aren't really any restaurants in those areas.

    Just kidding.

    A quick search would be helpful as these are probably the two most frequent Baltimore topics on the board. If not, at least add a few criteria to your query...

    Or I could just tell you to go to Charleston and be done with it.

    1. The Sip and Bite - just east of fells point - is a Balt landmark, is relatively inexpensive, and has good service to boot. I'm veggie so I often choose a bfast meal. Love the feta/shroom omelette and homefries. Others say the crabcakes are the best around, and at $8 they're a third the cost of most places.

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        nuh uh...
        The Sip and Bite is good at about 2:05 am after the bars close and you need a patty melt.

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          They asked for a dinner not a diner.

          As Darin said, just about all posts on this page relating to Baltimore are Fells or Inner Harbor.

        2. If you're willing to venture more towards and into Little Italy - OMG there is so much! Three of my favorites there are:

          Chiapparelli's (Italian - go fig, in Little Italy?)
          James Joyce Pub (Irish)
          Chiu's Sushi (Japanese)

          1. Greektown is close to Fells Point and worth the trip for some of Baltimore's best food at reasonable prices at places like Ikaros, Acropolis, Samos etc. Each of these restaurants has their strong suit, Acropolis' basics such as the lamb casserole and calamari are the best that I have ever had anywhere, Ikaros has a wider variety and the best moussaka I have ever had, and Samos includes a decent lettuce-based Greek-American salad with entrees which are a bit more Americanized than Ikaros and Acropolis but quite tasty.

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              Acropolis has better calamari than Ikaros? I find that hard to believe.

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                Ikaros serves delicious calamari, better than anywhere in Little Italy. The calamari I ate at Acropolis a few months ago had a savory light batter and the squid was tender. IMO it noses out Ikaros.

            2. Henninger's in Fells Point, Samos (except for Sundays)

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                This is without a doubt probably the best restaurant you've never heard of in the area of fells point

              2. Black Olive rest. on Bond

                1. Pierpoint, 1822 Aliceanna St.