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Nov 9, 2006 08:33 PM

Top Institutions in FLA

1. Joe's Stone Crabs South Beach

2. Bern's Steak House Tampa

3. Sonny's Famous Steak Hogies Hollywood

Ok FLA you know the routine, these are my three favorites, which are yours? Institution = (+ 25) years in business. NO NEWCOMERS!

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  1. In no particular order:

    Villa Rose Pizza, Hollywood.

    The Georgia Pig.

    The Mai-Kai. For drinks, most emphatically not food.

    1. In addition to those mentioned (and unfortunately restricted to my neck of the woods):

      Versailles, Miami

      Tobacco Road, Miami

      1. Without doing a lot more research, I believe there are only about a half dozen restaurants in Orlando that have been open and operating in a single location for 25 years. They are all pretty much family run and primarily neighborhood-type places.

        Barney's and La Cantina steakhouses fit the age requirement, but I don't consider them Florida institutions.

        We do have a branch of The Columbia restaurant here, which was at one time located downtown, about where Robin Stotter's new restaurant will be located when it opens next month.
        Certainly The Columbia in Tampa is an institution, probably ranking with Bern's and Joe's in the top three.


        1. I'll throw in the biltmore, even though my last brunch there was poor.

          1. Columbia is definately a FLA institution...good one!

            As for the Biltmore, 1st off I am shocked to hear your last brunch wasn't up to par. Although, I have never been, the word Brunch and Biltmore are practically synonomous in Miami or should I say Coral Gables. Moreover, the Biltmore, although a Golden Oldie here in the MIA, is a relatively new operation. It was a grand old hotel, then became a military hospital during WWII, then I beleive it was back in the late 80's when it reopened as the Biltmore Hotel again. So, I'd give it just quasi-institution status in light of the long interruption in it's operation. A good one nonetheless...keep 'em coming, there have got to more out there.

            I saw someone chatting up Cappy's or something like that the other day. Up off of the Hillsborough inlet...anyone out there can correct me on the name or set us straight on this island oasis?

            Also, I forgot The Forge, that is definately another Miami Beach landmark institution worthy of mention.

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              Last I went to brunch at the Biltmore was when my college bf took me for Valentine's Day, must have been '98 or '99. (GOD do I feel old typing that!) I thought it was wonderful, though they charged "more than usual" at $50 per for V-day. I here its QUITE a bit more now. . .