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Nov 9, 2006 08:27 PM

Lunch Help for Lynn or Swampscott?

I'm meeting some relatives in Lynn near the Swampscott line next week for lunch and could use some ideas of what might be available. Something casual would be great. Thanks.

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  1. ooh, lynn is so unattractive , couldn't you make it beverly or salem or marblehead instead?much better choice of restnts.

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      I like unattractive. Just think of all of the formerly unattractive parts of Boston which are now teaming with great places to eat.

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        Hey, my family is from Lynn!
        It's really not such a bad place (some parts are better than others, of course). There are some good restaurant choices there if you like casual and cheap, including Monte's (great pizza) and Tacos Lupita (excellent Salvadoran cuisine).

      2. How about Gulu-Gulu Cafe. Has anyone been?

        1. red rock? or if you go early for breakfast, Mildred's on Broad steet, lynn is cute. Oxford Grille in lynn in good but not sure if they are open for lunch.

          1. There is that great sandwich shop on the lynn/swampscott line --right across the street from Red Rock. I think it's NY Deli or something to that affect? Really good sandwiches, but not really anywhere to sit. If it's nice enough I guess you could sit on the seawall.
            There's also Popo's, the hot dog spot, just a few doors up from this deli. I know they are open for lunch and I'm pretty sure you can sit there. BUT. You'd all have to be in the mood for dogs, I'm not sure how much variety they've got. Dogs are supposed to be great there.
            Both spots obviously very casual :)

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              I've had the dogs at Popo's. They're excellent, and you can get about any topping you'd ever want and a bunch you wouldn't have considered, including some pretty elaborate combinations. They offer other sandwiches also, but the dog's the thing to get there.

            2. LAST CHANCE to help me find a place for lunch on Thursday. Oxford Grille is not open for lunch. Sandwich shops are not appropriate for this lunch. Casual is fine but a place to sit and schmooze is a must. Has anyone been to the Gulu-gulu Cafe?