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Nov 9, 2006 08:10 PM

best indian food in london?

any rec's on the best indian restaurants in london? we will be there over thanksgiving and would love some suggestions on where to get great indian food. thanks!

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  1. Howler directed us to Bombay Brasserie. We went for the lunch buffet. It was wonderful. The spicing was very subtle and I liked that I could taste individual spices clearly. Lunch there is a deal.

    Another suggestion of his was Randa which is Lebanese and most excellent. We ended up with 3 meals there (one was take out) the first time we just ordered the set menu for 2 and there was enough for 4 andd the courses just kept coming. The next we met Howler there and since he knew the place so well just had him order. It was really good and due to a power failure in our flat the night beofre we left, my DH wnet back and got take out for us. The company has several restaurants. Where will you be staying? I can let you know which is closest if you are interested.

    1. Dont want to be a pretentious curry snob but I guess it depends on what kind of curry you want. If you want a traditional Indian restaurant with a buffet then candy is quite right to suggest Bombay Brasserie, it is excellent.

      For a more "real" and authentic experience you may like to try one of the many restaurants on Brick Lane.

      For "Posh" curry then I love Zaika and The Red Fort. They have taken Indian food to a whole new level.

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        Oh we like Zaika too and had a wonderful dinner there last month.

        1. re: Candy

          Do I need reservations at Zaika for lunch on Sunday?

          1. re: Elphaba

            We went on a Fri PM without them. But I don't know about Sunday lunch. The Sunday brunch at Bombay Brasserie is reputed to be fantastic, we went on a Monday for lunch and it was terrific. I imagne for that on Sunday you would need a reservation.

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              Thanks Candy, I just went ahead and made reservations just to be safe.

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                I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Wish I was back over there. Never enough time and so much good food!

      2. I would like to echo Moz's comments- Seek out Brick Lane for a more authentic selection.

        Brick Lane is the most famous area for South Asian food and markets but Southall is definetly worth checking out.

        Here is an article I found on thelondonpaper's website-

        and if that doesn't work,

        1. Brick Lane is good, but considered by most serious indian or bangledeshis to be homogomeous and uninspired. For the best indian in that area, make your way to the huge modern mosque which is a ten minute walk from brick lane, once you are there ask people where the newish indian place is. I forget the name but was directed there by an indian business man my third day in london as I hunted for authentic indian.

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            'Good' but considered uninspired . . . hmmm . . .

            The place round the back of the mosque is New Tayyabs - it's good and inspired.

          2. Another few names... Amaya, Benares (famed chef Atul Kochhar)...