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Nov 9, 2006 07:55 PM

Good BBQ and other eatin in Charlotte NC

I'm a Clevelander traveling to Charlotte next week, and was wondering where to get the best BBQ in town? I am also looking for other recommendations too... My price range is about $20 per entree.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. At the risk of drawing the ire of others (barbecue is faily contentious around here, so I rarely wade into the fray), Bill Spoon's on South Boulevard is very authentic Eastern N.C.-style barbecue. Mac's on South Boulevard is new and not a traditional barbecue place, but all their meats are good. Rick Browne of "Barbecue America" recently came out very publicly in favor of the brisket at Mac's. For the other highlights, if you'll run a search on Charlotte in this board, you'll turn up plenty of recommendations in a range of price categories.

    1. Eating BBQ in Charlotte is a waste of time. Go up I-85 North to Lexington for the real deal.

      1. I know people will start ranting as soon as I post this, but I agree with Kathleen Purvis that Mac's is great food. Is it traditional NC BBQ? No. Is it outstanding? Yes. They have brisket and other non-NC BBQ fare, but the quality of the meat is excellent, and everything is flavored well - and the meast has a smoky taste to die for! I even like the fish tacos and the quesadillas.

        I'm sure someone here from out of town does not want to drive 45 minutes to Lexington! Even if it is more authentic BBQ.