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Nov 9, 2006 07:34 PM


Who makes the best pizza in west hollywood/hollywood????

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      I agree...and am so bummed they closed the Studio City location. It was walking distance. On the other hand, maybe it's for the best!!! :)

    2. I'm thinking when Mozza opens in a couple weeks that should be right up there with the best. I saw a picture of their pizza and it was sick! (in a good way)

      1. I would ditto Albano's. Thin, crusty crust, foldable, NY style. Had the Il Mozza pizza last Sunday. It is delicious and the toppings are great: not run of the mill. The only thing I noticed is that the pizza staff's timing of the pizza is still a bit uneven, so the texture of the crust can vary. I have no doubt that will be fixed.

        1. Just moved here from Brooklyn and have been looking for good pizza. I tried albanos which I thought was mediocre - the crust was completely flat like a board and not very flavorful, sauce and cheese were bland. Definitely NOT representative of NY/Brooklyn style pizza! I thought Village Pizzeria on larchmont was okay if you order it extra-crispy. My absolutely favorite so far is the pizza at Cheebo. They have excellent topping combos and their dough is REALLY flavorful. Haven't been to Mozza yet but probably looking to go when the hype dies down a bit.

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