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Who makes the best pizza in west hollywood/hollywood????

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      I agree...and am so bummed they closed the Studio City location. It was walking distance. On the other hand, maybe it's for the best!!! :)

    2. I'm thinking when Mozza opens in a couple weeks that should be right up there with the best. I saw a picture of their pizza and it was sick! (in a good way)

      1. I would ditto Albano's. Thin, crusty crust, foldable, NY style. Had the Il Mozza pizza last Sunday. It is delicious and the toppings are great: not run of the mill. The only thing I noticed is that the pizza staff's timing of the pizza is still a bit uneven, so the texture of the crust can vary. I have no doubt that will be fixed.

        1. Just moved here from Brooklyn and have been looking for good pizza. I tried albanos which I thought was mediocre - the crust was completely flat like a board and not very flavorful, sauce and cheese were bland. Definitely NOT representative of NY/Brooklyn style pizza! I thought Village Pizzeria on larchmont was okay if you order it extra-crispy. My absolutely favorite so far is the pizza at Cheebo. They have excellent topping combos and their dough is REALLY flavorful. Haven't been to Mozza yet but probably looking to go when the hype dies down a bit.

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            1. Ditto Albano's. Closest thing I've found to NY pizza! I've read really mixed things about Mozza, but I'm willing try it once.

              1. 2 words: Mister Damiano

                1. Village Pizza on Larchmont. Yum!

                  1. While Mozza was amazing, Damiano on Fairfax gets the call when I need a pizza delivered.

                    1. Thanks for the Damiano's tip. Went there and they have a great slice! Can't wait to go back.

                      1. Is the studio city location of Albano's the same as the Hollywood location?

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                            Well, no, one's in Studio City and one's in Hollywood. :-P But yes, they're both owned by the same folks. :)

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                              the studio city location closed a few months ago.

                            2. Mozza is great but hard to get into. I concur re Cheebo...great crust--chewy and flavorful--and good toppings. I particularly like the sausage and fennel.

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                                oooo yes, the sausage and fennel pizza at Cheeba is so good. I tried the wild mushroom pizza which was excellent as well.

                              2. Damiano's on Farfax . . . pizza is great, service in the past has been horrible. I suggest takeout, if you sit around there you're taking your chances. Another note, they have an extra-large which is the size of the pizzas on the slice counter . . . but it's not listed on the menu (at least it didn't use to be) . . . you can ask for the x-large, it's a couple dollars more but substantially bigger than their large.

                                1. Maury's pizza (i believe they changed their name to rainforest something...) on the corner of gardner and sunset was amazing (actually just across the street and half a block away from cheebo). i thought it was even better than albanos.

                                  1. Maury's is excellent. Love the sesame seed crust!

                                    1. Maybe it's just me, but I am really bothered by Rainforest Pizza(1449 N Gardner St, formerly Maury's). I live a couple blocks away on Fountain and I avoided this place for a year before I finally gave in. Probably something about the decor. It just bothers me when a pizza place has generic pictures of food on their overhead menu. I feel like they're trying too hard. The crust and the taste of the sauce just didn't do it for me.

                                      1. Albano's is pretty good. But I actually have to say that I quite enjoyed a slice from Tomato Pie on Melrose across the street from Fairfax high. The ownership changed and it reminds me of my favorite pizza place (Pizza Luca) in the west village in NYC. Very fresh and thin crisp crust. Love the seasoning of the sauce.

                                        1. Mozza is fantastic for the restaurant experience, but if you're just looking for a great slice, you can't beat Village Pizza on Larchmont or Mulberry Street in Beverly Hills.

                                          1. La Bucca on Melrose at Wilton I think... cant be beaten for proper Italian PIzza. They do take out too (no delivery I dont think) so remember that because getting a rez at one of their 8 tables is ofter tough.

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                                              Did they ever open up the new space? I drove by last night and it looked like it wasn't open. They've been seemingly working on it forever.

                                            2. Sunday night ritual indulgence: Pop in a DVD, tuck into a Damiano's Meatball Pizza with sliced tomatoes and a sprinkle of crushed red pepper and a bottle of Leffe beer. Freakin' A.

                                              1. From the looks of things, wouldn't Vito's be the best?

                                                1. Move west to Beverly Hills and try Mulberry Street for genuine NY pizza. Richie trucks his water in from NY due to the fact that alkalinity of water is different and makes the dough taste more like east coast dough. Always crowded, but worth it, and real NY pizza.

                                                  1. I frequent Damiano's, Mozza, Angeli, and Albano's - all of them have their well deserved merits for a variety of unique reasons.

                                                    1. Another fan of Damiano's -- although agree the service is bizarrely bad at points. Pace in Laurel Canyon is als v. tastey in a different, more fancy-ish (but not too fancy) California direction, esp their mushroom (aka 'mystic' pizza) -- organic incredients, tastey, chewy crust.

                                                      1. I like Vito's as well! The goat cheese pizza looks really tasty to me. Photo attached.