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Nov 9, 2006 07:21 PM

Clam Pizza, bacon or no bacon

My pizza dough is raising and I am making clam pizza tonight. It is something just not available in south central Indiana unless you make it yourself. This AM I was looking at a number of recipes and some included chopped bacon in the topping. Hmmmm, it could be tasty. Anyone done this? Also some recipes wanted a very light topping of mozzerella, some just wanted romano. I keep playing with different ideas, a quick trip to New Haven to try out Pepe's is just not going to happen real soon. Input?

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  1. I think it depends on preference. I've seen some clam pizzas with bacon and some with no bacon. I don't prefer bacon myself. I just like clams, olive oil, fresh tomato, garlic, and a blend of Mozz and provolone (just lightly topped with cheese, I don't like a clam pizza too gooey).

    1. The clam pizza I get in the Boston area does not have bacon on it, and they use romano cheese.

      1. The white clam pie at Pepe's is offered with or without bacon. It's delicious either way, but many a zealot will scream at the idea. Without= a crisper dough.

        Pepe's Classic White Clam Pie:
        freshly shucked littleneck clams and their liquor
        fresh garlic
        a light splinkling of parmesan cheese
        s+p (generous salt)
        a drizzle of olive oil
        No mozzerella!

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          Pepe's: the original and still greatest clam pie. white clam all the way.

        2. yeah, Ive had good white clam pies with and without bacon - the bacon is very good on it. No mozz, ever, just the parm or romano and other ingredients as above, also,I suggest a sprinking of parsley for fresh flavor and a some lemon slices served along with the pie - you can squeeze a little on the hot pie, but on the side is good.

          1. Good ideas above.

            I like it with chopped prosciutto during cooking and lemon zest (meyer lemon if you can find it) sprinkled over as it comes out of the oven. Also, a light hand with the cheese and tomatoes is a good idea.

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