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Nov 9, 2006 07:10 PM

Best Crab place in LA

Anyone know of any places good to eat Crab? I use to like going to chinese places or Crustaceans for their crab. But there's gotta be some other place that has even better?

Anyone know of any?

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  1. Personally I don't think it gets better than live crab at a Chinese restaurant. What else could you ask for? Live crab, multiple ways of cooking it, and inexpensive.

    Just had a live King crab two ways for $140 (7 pounder at $20/pound). It was awesome!

    1. What kind of crab (or style of preparation) are you looking for?

      Crab cakes? My vote goes to Water Grill.

      Soft-shell crabs? R23

      Crab tempura? Matsuhisa

      Whole live crab? Seafood Village in Temple City or Monterey Park.

      1. i always enjoy going to redondo pier and getting some fresh dungenous(sp?) crab

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          Me too. Can't get any fresher than picking your own crab for them to steam up @ the Quality Seafoods.

        2. Gorikee's in Woodland Hills makes a wonderful fried soft shell crab

          1. I second the Chinese restaurants. Try Newport or Capital as well. They bring them out to you live before they go into the steamer. I don't think anyone can beat them for freshness, cooking sauces at any price.