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Nov 9, 2006 07:02 PM

[pdx] a good cheep eat for 2 near the rosegarden on a Sunday or Monday before a blazer game?

any suggestions?

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  1. That's a very very hard area to find good and cheap! If you cross the Broadway Bridge, take your first right onto Lovejoy (ramp), then a left on 9th, and a right on Johnson, you'll arrive at the Ecotrust building housing Hot Lips Pizza and a few other retail outlets. (This is directly adjacent to Jameson Square)

    Hot Lips has excellent thin crust pizza, beer, wine and their own homemade sodas. This is currently my favorite pizza place in Portland.

    1. Thanks for the post, this was easy to find, and parking was easy too. I really enjoyed thier homemade pear soda and we were glad to see they sold by the slice. My husband and I both tried thier Waldorf pizza on recommendation by the guy behind the counter. Can't say I've ever had apples or walnuts on pizza, but it was good. It was a nice night too, very quiet, so we sat out on the terrace.

      The only thing that turned me off was that the glasses they served the soda in had fingerprints all over them. I have a thing against dirty dishes at restaurants, but I was hoping it was just that the guy who put them away had just served up some pizza. So I closed my eyes and pretended they were very clean.

      Thanks for the reccommendation! We will definitly visit again. Maybe, we'll just get the bottled soda next time.