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Nov 9, 2006 05:52 PM

breakfast suggestions at the fairfax farmers market

What are people's favorites for breakfast at the farmers market? I like Cocomo's sometimes but the food isn't consistent.

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  1. I think DuPars is very close to re-opening.

    1. Beignets and bottomless cup of cafe au lait at the Gumbo Pot.

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      1. re: sel

        The Chickory coffee @ gumbo pot is not good at all...last time I had it. Their Beignets are just "eh"

        1. re: Ollie

          Haven't been to the GP since about mid-June this past summer. That said, I've always enjoyed the cafe au lait and the beignets have been variable, from ok to good, but never bad! The place was sold by the original owner, Charles, to one of his cooks, Clinton, some time ago and I hope the place does not go downhill!!!

      2. I like crepes at the crepe place (don't know what it's called), huevos rancheros at Loteria, and basic diner fare at Charlie's.

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        1. re: tannazie

          This place is great! been going there for years.

          1. re: tannazie

            Where's Loteria? I never noticed it at the Farmer's Market.

            1. re: omotosando

              loteria is the mexican food stand in the farmer's market. a little more creative (and a bit more spendy as well) than your average taco stand, you can get tacos, burritos, tostadas with chicken in mole negro, mushrooms with epazote, and various other meats. they also have queso fundido with chorizo, fried plantains, humongous nachos, and a few other breakfast items in addition to the huevos rancheros.

              it's across from the crepe place.

          2. I absolutely love the French Crepe place. My favorite is "La Poissoniere" with smoked salmon and scrambled egg, a perfect savory start to the morning. Throw in a French press of coffee or a juice from one of the nearby vendors and you're set.

            1. loteria is one the best mexican food places in all of los angeles, maybe in the country. it is really really good, very authentic, fresh good ingredients, you must try if you like mexican.
              mexican happens to be my favorite.