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Nov 9, 2006 05:25 PM

Cheap Dinner Date

I love food, and love to cook. When I go out with my girlfriend, I usually cook up a bunch of apps with the same cultural feel as the place we are going for our mains. Sometimes, we just order 5 apps at the restaurant too, and have our own tapas.

I'm looking to spend no more than $25pp tax in this weekend. Any reccomendations for quiet, nicely lit places, with flavourful food is much appreciated.

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  1. I'd go with Hair of the Dog. Though, if it's quiet you want, sit upstairs. Great menu, the sandwiches and salads are in the $10 range, and are filling enough for a meal.

    1. N'awlins
      come to mind for cheap appetizers

      1. julie's cuban on dovercourt?

        had a lovely date there and stuffed myself silly including a couple drinks for about $65 inclusive of everything. tapas dishes are around 6-8$ if i remember correctly. if you like plantains, i absolutely devoured them there. one came with a mix of spiced beef that was absolutely delicious.

        it's a bit dimly lit but not incredibly so and the atmosphere is a nice eclectic. i was however on the patio at the time but the interior looks great.

        1. $25pp should get you a decent meal lots of places.

          For the appie idea, have you tried Ethipian House? Good flavours, lots of fun. Environment's pretty quiet, you can have a convo for sure, though the tables are quite close together.

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            Thanks for rec, but my girlfriend can't get her mind to eat this food YET. I'm trying, but she only sees it as different coloured piles of mush.

          2. um.. what about Serra in the Annex? Its a nice cozy atmosphere, good prices, and really good!! Its a small place, but its got a 'warm' feeling to it, good service and I like sitting close to the kitchen so I can watch them use the stone oven. It would fit your budget too!