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Nov 9, 2006 05:23 PM

Best Burger's on The Strip?

Hi Everyone!

I'm wondering if you could direct me to the best burger in Vegas. This is a "must have" for my boyfriend. He's into the big and juicy burgers.


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  1. Burger Bar in Mandalay Place has an awesome selection.

    1. The burger at Mesa Grill at lunch time is very good along with their spicy fries.

      1. Try the Burger @ Daniel Boulud @ the Wynn. It is stuffed w/ foie gras and short ribs...beware 'cause it's $32!
        It's fabulous!

        1. I also found these places....

          Any good?

          We don't have an In and Out or a Fat Burger near us. Are they worth a try?

          Also, I have written down the following:

          The Upper Deck in the Plaza
          PTSPubs burgers


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            In 'n' Out and Fatburger are both fast food burgers. I live in L.A. and there are plenty of both around, I prefer Fatburger by far but this is a subject of endless debate around here, with people squarely in one camp or the other. In any case neither can hold a candle in the "big and juicy" department to either Burger Bar or Mesa Grill - husband and I have enjoyed the burgers at both places on many occasions. If forced to choose I would probably go with Burger Bar because there are so many different choices of meats, toppings, buns, and the onion rings are great. Mesa Grill just has the one burger but it's a lovely burger indeed - thicker than Burger Bar's, in fact half a burger is about enough for me at Mesa whereas I can eat the whole thing at Burger Bar. After trying the various buns at Burger Bar I have settled on the whole wheat as being the best option insofar as holding its own against the burger's juices without being overly chewy or assertive. The spicy fries at Mesa are fine but I much prefer the onion rings at Burger Bar. Burger Bar has various thicknesses of fries but I haven't really had them other than snagging one or two from my husband. Mesa Grill has way more atmosphere than Burger Bar, vibe-wise, but people are lining up at Burger Bar every day.

          2. if you have never been to an In n Out - GO! for a burger fanatic, it must be experienced. be sure to get the fries too.

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            1. re: rileypiley

              Be forewarned - apparently there is some special way to order there which we didn't know. We were very disappointed when we went - but maybe if we'd known about all the "in's and out's" we would have been more satisfied.

              1. re: sivyaleah

                That would be In-N-Out's secret menu. There's a bunch of other things than just what's on the regular menu.


                If you haven't been, the Double-Double is the thing to get (the burger patties themselves are small ones, the regular hamburger or cheeseburger is almost salad), along with fries and your choice of beverage. Go during less busy times if possible, the food comes out considerably better when they aren't working at warp speed.

                1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

                  That was exactly the problem - we both ordered singles and it was SO small and with a ton of lettuce. Talk about a let down! We also went at the height of lunch hour and had to wait nearly 1/2 hour to get our food. We thought we were going for "fast food" only to be kept waiting for what we found to be a rather pathetic excuse for a burger.

                  Now that we know about the secret menu - the next time we're out there we might give it another try - but only if passing by. We're more looking forward to trying Burger Bar - which for some reason we haven't managed to get to yet with all the other great options around.