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Nov 9, 2006 05:04 PM

J's at Nashoba Valley Winery-outstanding brunch!

I had the pleasure of having Sunday brunch at J's in Bolton a few weeks ago. Not only was I blown away by how good it was, the price made it that much more enjoyable.

The setting is gorgeous, we had a window box table and had a view of the vineyard. It is a buffet brunch with the selection changing every time you get up for more! Although there were too many dishes to name them all, the strata and the mussels were great as well as the cheese selection and the peanut-crusted chicken skewers. We had a reservation for 1:30, but there may be more breakfast type dishes earlier in the day. The drinks were fabulous too with bellinis made with their own sparkling wines. The homemade desserts were made with such care and were amazing. And best of all, this all cost $18.50 not including alcoholic beverages. This brunch would have easily cost $50 in the city.

As if that were not enough, we went back to the shop afterwards and tasted a bunch of their wines, beers and spirits. They were surprisingly good, and to finish off the day, you could choose an apple to be fresh-dipped in caramel for $2, something I have always enjoyed.

Now, I want to go back to try their lunch and dinner menus. FYI, it only takes about 45 min. to get their from downtown Boston.

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  1. We like this place a lot also.
    Did you take a tour of their winery? It's only $2 or $3 and you get to try a lot of the wines at the end of the tour. We have been for lunch a few time since then, but never for dinner. As you said, it really is a gorgeous setting.

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      No, we did not do the tour. But, we were able to taste 5 wines each, for free. This really amounted to about 10 or so each as we shared our tastings.

    2. I think that's the first time I've heard anyone say the wines there are good. I'm no wine expert, but I thought pretty much all of them were rough with hot alcohol flavors. Enjoyed the ice wine though and the perry is pretty good.

      The beers on tap there can be good, but watch out for the bottles - even the ones on their own shelves.

      1. I agree. I did go and brunch was fabulous! I took the winery tour afterwards and tried some of their wines. I do like their blueberry merlot. So delicious.

        1. Read your review and was inspired to try the brunch at Nashoba winery.- and we were also blown away about how good everything was-food, setting, service, and price. The food was beautifully presented- everything fresh, flavorful, creative. There were at least 20 dishes including thin crust pizza, egg strata, raisin french toast, salmon with condiments, seaweed salad, pasta salad, calamari, curried shrimp and mussels, garlic home fries, bacon, sausage, bananas foster,pastries(mini key lime tarts, brownies, cream puffs), fresh fruit, and an array of local cheeses. The $18.50 price included a large glass of juice and coffee. Though it was a cold,rainy spring day- the room was warm and cozy with windows overlooking the orchard. The fruit wine drinks are delicious and priced from $6-$8. Visited the winery and enjoyed the free tastings of a variety of wines and ales. Everyone ended up purchasing something after the tastings-I bought a bottle of raspberry wine that was recommended for pairing with chocolate.

          So thank you for sharing your experience with others. It took me a few months- but we finally made it to J's. Check out my brunch table photos. For more info see Reservations are recommended.

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          1. re: fayth

            I went to their brunch a month or so ago and had an experience identical to this post from 2007. It's still inexpensive, delicious, and the best brunch I've had in Boston area. Nothing remotely "low quality" or "awful" .

          2. These posts are old. I had Mother's Day brunch there at $35 a person and it was bad. The food was of low quality and cold, there wasn't much variety, and the coffee was awful. No doubt they are using the money for their farm and cut corners. I complained via email and didn't get a response from the owner until I threatened electronic complaints.

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              I considered making a reservation for Easter brunch, but the website required advance payment by credit card!! I can't recall if it was of the entire amount or a sizeable deposit, but it was enough to make me book elsewhere. I have never, in any country I have visited, been required to pay in advance when making a reservation. To be sure, I have given a cc with knowledge it would be charged a penalty if I were to be a no show, but to actually take payment it in advance? It seemed odd and made me uncomfortable.

              1. re: Kat

                L'Espalier required that I put a deposit down that would be applied to the final total for a table of 8 for their tea. I do not think it is common, but it does happen for parties over certain number (6?) at some restaurants.