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Nov 9, 2006 04:59 PM

Venice Trip Report


Osteria Alla Frasca- Di Loreto Mehdy 5176-Cannaregio- 041-528-5433- We really liked this place. Hard to find, paper napkins, no menu and really good food. Really good seafood platter for a starter. Seafood lasagna was great. Bill was 68 Euros. Neighborhood type place.

Corte Sconta- Calle del Pestrin 3886-Castello- 041-522-7024- We got the tasting menu as recommended by the waiter. Seafood was the feature and was very good but we thought our pasta course was excellent. Fun staff and a nice tableside preperation of some of the fish dishes. Thumbs up. Bill was 193 Euros.

Antica Birraria La Corte- San Palo 2168- 041-275-0570- We decicided to take a break from seafood so we went in search of pizza. This was a great find. An old 19th century beer factory that was reopened in 1998 as this restaurant. Believe it or not, this was the most local scene. Big variety of pizzas that were really good along with a full menu. Place was loud and packed with Venetians enjoying food without a head or a tail. Also, beer in tall glasses.

DaLuca E Fred- Rio T. San Leonardo 1518 Cannaregio- Great place for lunch or cicchetti as they call it. Go hungry because there is a huge selection of goodies. It is on a great street, so sit outside stuff your face and watch the people. Two glasses of wine and nine selections for 18 Euros. Great deal.

Boutique del Gelato- Salizada San Lio 5727 Castello- This is our favorite. The namarena is heaven.

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  1. Glad you liked alla Frasca - their seafood and fish are very good - they will upsell you a bit (let you order maybe more food than you need) but it IS very good. One thing for sure, those folks in waterproofs having fixed lunches are getting them for cheaper, but I think the mix of people makes it an interesting place. they do have a very nice touch with pasta, too. Did they give you the limoncello at the end?