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Nov 9, 2006 04:57 PM

Sushi place in NoHo just north of West Houston?

Hi there. I remember hearing about a "hole in the wall" sushi place just a 1/2 block north of West Houston in NoHo - maybe on Sullivan or Thompson? Supposedly cult following, great fish.

Looking to delight a Japanophile.

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  1. Tomoe? I've heard mixed reports, so I've never been.

    1. tomoe was good back in the day and that opinion aside, ken, the owner and chef left many months ago and i've heard that the decline is more than obvious now. one of my favorite sushi places in all of nyc is on houston, not far from tomoe called ushiwakamaru at 136 West Houston St (212) 228-4181. it's not cheap but it's not midtown and the sushi is pretty much as good as yasuda or seki etc......excellent fish.

      1. Oh no! Thanks for alerting me to the personnel change. I didn't get there in time...
        Ok, so I'll look into Ushiwakamuru.
        Was also considering Angel's Share.

        1. Blue Ribbon Sushi is also very good but it is very expensive. It is not too far from Tomoe (avoid at all costs) on Sullivan between Prince and Spring.

          1. angel's share is great for cocktails and they do have small plates etc but it's a completely different thing than a sushi place. both are great depending on what you want for the tenor of the evening. you can actually do both. in fact, now that i think about it - the sushi place that's pretty much under angel's share is still really good and has been for a zillion years. it's always crowded tho and no rez.....called hasaki i think. and then of course for lower priced but very nice sushi is ebisu on east ninth between a and 1st or a and b? in any case - you can have it all!