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Nov 9, 2006 04:37 PM

Hungry Coyote - Waltham -closed?

Has this place closed its doors already? Went for my second visit yesterday at lunch time and the lights were off and the shades pulled down - no sign of life.

My first visit was just ok - burrito not very good because the rice was so bad (like salty packaged flavored rice with carots and peas and not cooked all the way), but the tacos were pretty tasty and a good price.

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  1. I've noticed they have been closed over the last week. We ate there one time a few months ago, and I agree that the burrito had some intensely salty component in it. We also noticed that they didn't really have their act together and that the burrito assemby area was a horrible mess. We returned a couple of weeks ago to give them another try, and again found a horrible mess at the burrito counter, and staff that seemed out to lunch. We left and ate elsewhere. It's a great space and I'd love to see them succeed, but they don't seem all together yet....maybe they threw in the towel already.......?

    1. I know from experience that many restaurants open with far too little working capital: they scrape together enough financing to get the doors open, but don't have enough cash to see them through the time that it takes every restaurant to work the kinks out. Some places never manage to get the kinks out and close for that reason, but some never really have a chance from the outset.

      1. WoW! I can't believe this. Is it really true? I haven't been for a couple of months but it was one of my favorite fast lunch places and it was doing a bang up business. So much so that I had to turn away a few times because they were so busy. I thought they would be a neighborhood mainstay. You never know.