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Nevis Restaurants

Any recommendations or warnings?

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  1. It's been a few years, but we had a lovely lunch at the restaurant in the Botanic Gardens. Delicious roti!

    1. just got back from Nevis. You must try the burger at Double Deuce on Pinney's beach - it's incredible. Sunshine's on Pinney's beach is also terrific. For something fancier- I recommend going to dinner at Montpelier (for really fancy- go to their Mill).

      1. I at the Mill at Montpelier. Great setting and food was vey good, except for two dishes which were inedible. One was Chicken that my g/f ordered. Obvisusly not local, had to be flown in frozen.

        THe food at the FOur Seasons in great.

        Went to Bananas. THat was a very good meal.

        THe highlight was going to Miss Junes. Great setting, great food and the host is quite a character.

        1. I don't think I'm in the same league, food wise, as many posters on this board, but I'll put my two cents worth in anyway.

          We stayed at Oualie Beach last winter. One night a week they have a beach barbecue/buffet. I really dislike buffets, avoid them whenever possible. However, we were there anyway, so.... The food was surprisingly good. Huge grilled shrimp, really good fillet of beef,(imported from the States), other good fish dishes and some wonderful salads. Afterwards, there was a band in the bar. All in all, a wonderfully fun evening.

          Another night we went to Eddy's in downtown Charlestown. Definitely not gourmet, but very good fish and chips. And some of the friendliest expats we've run across any where.

          1. I have to agree with mdog regarding the burger at the Double Deuce. I've been up and down the Caribbean and to countless beach bars. This is the best burger in the Caribbean. It is huge and made with fresh local beef. I've heard the fresh fish is also excellent, but I've never been able to skip the burger.

            1. I'd like to add some life to this old thread.

              I'll be here for a week in May and was wondering if there are any new "must eats". While I can't imagine not going to Double Deuce for its burger, I'm also curious of where to get really tasty Nevisian fare? In fact, what are some typical Nevisian dishes?

              1. Look for fish and fungi (like polenta) or saltfish and ducana. Those are two local dishes. Roti is prepared Trini style in Nevis typically. It's a light flakey burrito like pastry (way better made with Ghee) with curried chicken or conch. I have been a few times but each time ate at a hotel. Once at Nisbet and once at Montpelier. I have had lots of local food in nearby St. Kitts so if you can find the dishes above, enjoy. Also look for Bull Foot Soup, Fish Water and Pepperpot. All lovely West Indian dishes. I find asking the house keepers or taxi drivers assists in finding the local food stops.

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                  Wow - thanks for the quick response. I'll also be staying in St. Kitts for a couple of nights, too - so I'll start a thread over there (since there doesn't seem to be much available on this site at the moment.)

                  That thread can be found at:


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                    Goat water (a stew of goat meat) is the most popular local dish. It is made on Saturdays all over Nevis, many vendors sell it in Charlestown on Saturday. Fried fish and salt fish are local favorites. If you want to eat local food in town, check out Unellas, which features wonderful views of of the sea and St Kitts. Cornmeal and rice and peas are common side dishes. The local fruits are great. Try some gnipes. Summer is mango season--they taste totally different down there compared to mangoes from here. Nevis has many restaurants now compared to just a few years ago. They run from moderate to expensive. Few would be considered "cheap". For special nights out, there's the Four Seasons. I like to go to the Four Seasons at night to hear the band and have drinks and appetizers. Sunshine's is a fun lunch spot or night because it is right on Pinney's Beach. Another great spot is Coconut Grove: http://www.coconutgrovenevis.com/. There are even a couple of chinese restaurants--but they aren't that great. The key in Nevis is to ask around to find out what is happening while you are there. The info isn't published anywhere.

                  2. Just returned 2 weeks ago...favorite local treat was the Lobster Roll at Chevy's...located next door to Sunshine's- close to the 4Seasons.
                    Mango's is also nice for dinner out on the water. Bananas and Montpelier are true "experiences". Make sure to rent a car...much exploring to be done on Nevis!

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                      Just had a very tasty piece of mahi-mahi at Sunshine's. Dinner last night at Neve at the Four Seasons was *good*. My risotto was average (it needed salt, and I'm salt averse), but the quality of beef in the carpaccio was fantastic (it could have fooled me into thinking it was Kobe beef, and I've been to Kobe). Our mains - swordfish for me, red snapper for my wife, were both well prepared, although I enjoyed the "pseudo-escoveitched" way the swordfish was done. As we won't have a car, it looks like Chevy's and Double Deuce may be the only other restos we try off of the the Four Seasons property, but I hope to have some goatwater at the minimum.

                      Oh, and I've been here just over 24 hours and have had two rum punches and three CSRs and Ting. I love vacation. (Quick questions - is CSR closer to cachaca than rum? It kind of tastes that way to me.)

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                        Locals consider CSR a "rum", I'm not sure if that's "technically" correct, but who cares, we love it! You can take a local bus to during the day to get around if you don't have a car. Sometimes, I hitch ride. Don't stay at the Four Seasons only, there's a lot to see and eat on Nevis!

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                          Aside from the two meals mentioned above, here's a quick rundown of the rest of the meals we had in Nevis.

                          The Dining Room at The Four Seasons: Much more upscale than Neve, with much more refined service. My appetizer - two enormous scallops wrapped in prosciutto, was delicious, as was my wife's tuna tartar. My wife's locally raised lamb was also incredible - very flavorful without too much of the funkiness that lamb can sometimes have. My bouillabaisse was decent - it would have been very good had it been presented as a Caribbean seafood soup instead. The crayfish in it was amazing, the lobster perfectly cooked - the only sour notes were the pesto-doused crouton and the mussels, which weren't very good. Dessert was a chocolate souffle - it was made well, so it was fantastic, but in the end it was just a chocolate souffle. The price is very high, around $200 for 2 with only two glasses of wine, two apps, two entrees, and a shared dessert.

                          Mansa's Last Stop - The next morning we were lucky to have a tour of Mansa's organic farm and orchard. Mansa, an amiable rasta, was passionate about his produce and shared so much with us. We tried: red and yellow cashew fruit (who knew!?!), baby pomegranate, custard apple, noni fruit, four or five kinds of mango, and some of his homemade beverages (the ginger beer and cucumber juice were very good). Definitely make a pit stop at this stand, in Cade's Bay, and try some of his local produce. I think he also cooks some foods on weekends, but you may want to check.

                          Pas's Place: We had lunch at this stand at the ferry terminal in Charlestown. We arrived late, and all that was available was pig tail soup and cook-up rice. The cook-up rice was quite nice, a little dry but it had a nice flavor with chunks of well cooked pork and a nondescript whitefish. The pig tail soup was fantastic, full of dumplings, potatoes, beans, and nuggets of pig tail. Very good flavor and a nice, chill atmosphere. These two dishes and four Caribs came to EC $39, or about $13.

                          Mango: We ate dinner at The Four Season's casual restaurant on Wednesday night. We were given quite possibly the worst table in the restaurant - in a corner by the pool table - no man's land. There was a table next to us with two kids who interrupted their Nintendo DS competition by whining and being very loud and obnoxious. And, despite this, we really enjoyed our meal! I started with the conch ceviche, which was perfectly prepared and quite tasty. For an entree, I had the seafood roti which was perhaps the finest roti I've ever had. I will say that the roti skin was a little underwhelming, but the innards were so amazing that I couldn't get enough. My wife's BBQ ribs were quite tasty, too - very tender "fall of the bone" meat but perhaps a bit too much sauce. The only sour note was dessert (perhaps a low point of all of our Four Seasons meals) - my panna cotta which was supposed to come with a Nevisian papaya sauce with local honey was instead topped with blackberries. It was fine, but just fine. My wife's assorted ice creams were just fine as well, with most of the interesting flavors described being unavailable. Perhaps noticing our slight disappointment, the manager brought over a housemade mango rum and had a shot with us. It was amazing and left us on happy note. (Perhaps the tasty Dark & Stormies I had before that could have helped, too.)

                          Our last meal on Nevis was at Double Deuce, where we luckily got the last two burgers of the day. (I don't know if they normally don't serve them at dinner, but it may be worth calling ahead.) I kid you not - this is perhaps one of the top 3 burgers I've ever eaten. Despite the mealy bun, it was immensely flavorful, though purists may disapprove of the onions mixed into the burger itself. The local cows - which seems to graze on whatever it cares to - resulted in an immensely "beefy" flavor. I couldn't have been happier. Washed down with a couple of Caribs and perhaps a couple too many CSR & Tings, it was a wonderful way to leave the island. Additionally, Mark - the owner I assume - was incredibly friendly and ran a tight ship. (We had seen some reports of lackluster service, but found none whatsoever.) If you're in Nevis, make sure you stop by for a burger - it's just so good.

                          Well, that was it. I'll report on a couple of meals in St. Kitts in an appropriate thread, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Nevis, my stay at the Four Seasons, and the friendliness of the Nevisians.