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Greenwich Village Treats/Walking Tour


I was thinking of exploring some cheaper food/snack places in the Village after reading about Patisserie Claude and 'bings', although I'm not completely sure what this is, would like to try it.

Are there any other good cheap eats I could go for while on a tasting tour of the area?

I heard about falafels somewhere in the area too.....



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  1. The special at Papaya King, 6th Ave and 8th St. A slice at Ray's Pizza, 6th Ave and 11th St. Mamoun's Falafel on MacDougal just off Washington Square. The dosa cart, if it's there, south side of the square. Coffee at Jack's Stir Brew on 10th just off Greenwich Ave. Almond croissant at Tartine, corner of 11th and 4th streets.

    That should get you started....

    1. You can do like Calvin Trillin and start in the Village and end up in Chinatown for 5/$1 fried dumplings and $1 Chinese greens sandwiches.

      1. Get a Cannoli at Roccos on Bleecker. I think Bleecker St Pizzaor West Village Pizza or even Village Pizza for a slice.

        1. cookie at lafayette pastry shop on Greenwich near 6th (I think) it's not so much the cookie as the old ladies who run the place that I love.

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          1. It's definitely worth stopping into Roll & Dough (bings) and Patisserie Claude. Some others: Faicco, Rocco's, Amy's, Murray's Cheese, Cones, Blue Ribbon Bakery Market, Porto Rico, Milk & Cookies, Peanut Butter Co. (for the kitsch factor).

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              the blue ribbon bakery market has incredible honey--you can ask to sample their 6-8 flavors, then get some on toast or buy a (pricey but splurge-worthy) jar. their breads are also fantastic.

              i'm surprised that nobody has mentioned cones so far. it's a gelato? ice cream? place that's popular on this board, but i'm not a huge fan. i got the corn gelato last time, and was initially pleased with the texture (nice mixed-in chewy corn skin flecks) until assaulted by overwhelming sweetness. way way way too sweet!

              i second the recommendation for the bings. my favorite is the spicy beef.

              also in the area is beard papa's. great cream puffs, filled fresh.

              EDITED: Duh. Lucia, who I replied to, recommended Cones. my bad.
              also second the recommendation for amy's bread-- the sour dough dark chocolate chip twists are fantastic.

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                oh baby... those sour dough chocolate chip twists are sooo good (especially, I've found, earlier in the day). And not very expensive...

            2. Two problems with Patisserie Claude:

              1. Claude is a grump and is strict about his "$2 minimum per person if you want to sit down at a table"
              2. They run out of Pain au Chocolat by 10 AM

              But the Napoleans are great.

              Bings are like round hot pockets with Chinese food inside. They are great.

              Bleeker Street Pizza (Bleeker and 7th) is next to Yummy, a falafel place, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

              Milk and Cookies is on Commerce between 7th and Bedford. Avoid all things other than cookies there (i.e. brownies and bars).

              Walk all the way to DeMarco (on Houston and MacDougal) for a unique slice of pizza.

              Rocco's is best for cannoli. The rest of their stuff is just good.

              Faicco's Pork Store (on Bleeker Street between the Yummy/Bleeker Pizza corner and Rocco's) sells great rice balls and fried ravioli as well as a great Italian sub.

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                I've had the chocolate croissant in the middle of the afternoon before on a weekend.

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                  I'd say go to Rocco's for cannoli and/or a black and white cookie. One of the few places that uses a layer of apricot jam beneath the icing. Super sweet, but adds a unique flavor profile.

                2. Rocco's? Cannoli? I beg to differ. Veniero's cannoli (although out of the way in the east village) are worlds better than Rocco's.

                  It's a shame Joe's isn't there anymore.

                  Joe on Waverly off of 6th ave. is a great place for any type of coffee drink.

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                    Yes. Rocco's + Cannoli. One of the great combos in this city.

                    Last time I was at Veniero's, the cannoli were pre-filled and the shell was thin and a little bland.

                    (BTW, in the later years, Joe's Pizza began to taste like burnt toast + pizza quick sauce + American cheese)

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                      I agree with Native.... last time I was at Veneiro's (maybe
                      a year ago) my cappucino was watery and had an aftertaste, and the cannoli was nothing to write home about (esp. since home,
                      as in 'born in'..in my case is Philly where the cannoli ROCK ). Filled to order is the way to go, and Rocco's makes a great espresso & cappucino too.

                  2. Taim on Waverly Place for the best falafel

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                    1. don't forget about KATI ROLLS too.

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                        Is it just me, or is the Kati roll place worse than it used to be? I remember braving the surly service and the pricey-for-what-you-get food for some serious flavor. The last couple times I've been, I've been pretty disappointed. Greasier, and muted flavors.

                        Also stop at Rafetto's on Houston for some fresh pasta to take home. It's sliced to your desired width on an amazing ancient industrial pasta cutting machine. They've got lots of varieties, including mushroom, lemon pepper, plain egg, and saffron (my favorite).