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Nov 9, 2006 04:21 PM

Westbury Chicken

There is a place called Pollo el Paisa on Old Country Road, north side, about half a mile west of the Wantagh Pkwy. It's Colombian, and specializes in rotisserie chicken. Went twice last week, had chicken both times; it was outstanding.
Anyone else been??

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  1. Yes. I don't have one negative comment about this restaurant. The chicken is outstanding. When we ordered a whole chicken,one of our party requested whether they could serve only white meat and the waiter agreed. The plantain come fried in both sweet and regular versions. I mean to try the red snapper when I get around to it. I wonder whether they might grill it instead of bread and fry. Prices are incredible. The staff is helpful and friendly and as you say, Scribbler, it is outstanding.

    1. This place is GREAT! A VERY good value with VERY good food! I've tried most things on the menu. No misses yet! Everything is a hit!

      1. I highly recommend the Mountain Platter, which has a bit of the rotisserie chicken, the fried pork belly, skirt steak, rice, eggs, avocado, and chicken soup. The chicken flavored rice is amazing similar to the Hainan chicken dish from a Vietnamese restaurant. Their chimichurri sauce is the best sauce ever, goes with almost every kind of meat.

        I haven't had the oxtail soup yet, plan on trying that one time. The only bad item I've ever had was the most expensive item(I think off the menu), the Seafood Paella(~$29) which I found to be too salty and loaded with MSG.

        1. Had dinner there tonight, and went home very happy. SO had the chicken platter; it came with a juicy 1/4 chicken, rice, salad, french fries, and a bowl of chicken soup alongside to die for. I had a pork dish that was pounded flat like a cutlet and grilled perfectly (not dry at all), fried sweet platanos, a mound of perfect rice and some beans. It came with a small salad first. There is a small jar of sauce on the table that the waiter called ajis, which was delicious on everything, vinegary and not too hot. We also ordered an avocado salad, but we packed it up and took it home without touching it becuase we were so full from the main courses. All this came to a grand total of $26!! Service is great, real family atmoshphere. This is a place we'll visit often.