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Nov 9, 2006 04:17 PM

Where to find good Grappa?

In a bit of a predicament. I've been invited to a Bosnian / Croatian family's place for Dinner next week and I know they're huge Grappa lovers. I would love to find a bottle, preferably the non generic variety. They particularly like Slovenian or Italian Grappy I've heard..

I know the LCBO carries some varieties, and I've been recommended to to go the Summerhill spot, but I wanted to ask if anyone here has any experience buying Grappa.

Any Suggestions?
Thank you.

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  1. I came back from Italy with some great gappa but have never been able to find anything close here after trying many. The LCBO has a limited selected, almost all from the same company. It's a real crap shott, so just select a price range and get what there is. The only advice is to avoid the stuff in the fancy bottles.

    Incidentally, you might look at the French version of grappa, called "Marc." Not bad.

    1. Thanks!, I'll look out for MARC.

      1. There isn't a very good selection of grappas at the LCBO but the tastiest is the Poli. Around $45. My Croatian friends have bought Slivovich (a plum based fire water) at the summerhill LCBO. Not as good as the Poli grappa.

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          agreed for the poli, I couldn't remember the name.