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Nov 9, 2006 04:16 PM

Help to choose Chinese (seafood & noodle) restaurant

I will visit Seattle this weekend and want to try a good Chinese restaurant. I searched a bit and found some of the names (Seven Stars Szechuan Restaurant <crab>, Hing Loon <the Shrimp Won Ton Soup>, Ho Ho seafood <crab>, Szechuan Noodle Bowl <noodle soup>, Szechuan Chef in Bellevue, etc.).

I prefer to taste a fresh, tasty crab and other seafood dishes as well as Chow Fun (my kid's favorite... cripy verion on the edge of noodles) and other noodle (soup) dishes. Which one would be the best bet for us? It seems like every restaurant has its own specialty foods, which I need to order out of them. Also, I prefer a restaurant always crowded, the unchanged rule & tip to find a delicious restaurant anywhere in the world. We will stay in downtown, but doesn't matter to travel if I can get better food.

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  1. The crab at 7 Stars/Szechuan Chef is by far the best around (I think the best food all around), but they don't have Chow Fun or noodle soups or really even a wide variety of seafood (they do have a seafood section on the menu, but these aren't the kind of places with tanks and tanks of all kinds of sea critters).

    I'm a little biased-I'm just not crazy about Cantonese food (at least, the Cantonese food I've had in the US), so places like Ho Ho and Hing Loon don't do it for me. And, Seattle's not really know for it's Chinese food in general, the way that Vancouver BC is-we just don't have a large Chinese community here. But what we do have is great Szechuan, and I'd encourage you to nix the Chow Fun requirement and enjoy some great Szechuan.

    1. Crispy edged chow of my favorites! Haven't had it since leaving Chicago years ago (place is now closed sadly) Noble Court in Bellevue has good flounder on crispy fried bone, they might do the crispy chow fun for you if you request it. You might also try the new place O'Asian in downtown Seattle, from the owners of Top Gun in Bellevue.

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        O'Asian is surprisingly decent for a Cantonese restaurant that caters to the downtown crowd. Tender pea vines, juicy jumbo stuffed chicken wings, good ma po tofu (ask them to hold the carrots though). Fried salt and pepper flounder in crunchy fish bone "dragon boat" was a bit dry but otherwise ok. Lemongrass lamb rack was juicy. Salmon fried rice was boring. Prices moderate, service good, comfortable booths. Validated parking on Columbia between 5th and 6th.