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Nov 9, 2006 04:07 PM

Tamarind Tree or Green Leaf?

I found these two are the most famous and reliable Vietnamese restaurant in Seattle. Since Vietnamese foods are bad here in chicago, I want to try a decent vietnamese resturant when I go to Seattle this week.

Which one would you recommend? I am not a fan of Pho (but my wife is), but I like their satay beef (skewed grilled beef). We prefer less greasy, no MSG. Also, please recommend some dishes (not adventurous ones) we must try (I found some recommend vietnamese pancake here in the board). Thanks for your help in advance.

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  1. I prefer Green Leaf (better food and much better service) but I still think TT is good, too. Though TT is much bigger they are also much more well known and there is often a wait at dinner hour. Neither are greasy (I don't think I've ever had "greasy" Vietnamese!).
    At GL I love: The (fresh) spring rolls, the bahn xeo pancake, any of the vermicelli noodle bowls, the seafood soup, and the green papaya salad, and the banana/coconut cake dessert.

    1. The green mango salad with shrimp at Green Leaf is superb. So is there skewered, broiled tofu appetizer.

      1. Oh, green mango, I think that's what I meant-not papaya.

        1. I personally prefer Tamarind Tree, by a wide margin. I've only had one disappointing dish there (the pho) and that was still only disappointing by comparison to my favorite pho shop (Pho Bac) - still better than any pho I've had outside Seattle.

          Green Leaf, on the other hand, was hit or miss. Bo la lot and banh xeo were great, but I have had some truly lousy duck noodles and pho there. Again, either one is still going to be miles better than what you'll find in Chicago.

          1. If you are senstive to MSG, be aware TT uses it heavily.

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              Thank you for pointing this out. I always feel "off" after I eat their food and have wondered if it had a lot of MSG. Too bad since it tastes so good.

              Any word on GL's MSG use?