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Nov 9, 2006 04:01 PM

cooking sprays?

Been a while since I'v purchased the standard can of "Pam". Looking for another can this morning on my trip to the grocery store I was confronted with a few, new to me, choices. Pam w/flour, Pam w/butter, some new brands of butter spray, and a few different olive oil sprays.

Is there much of a difference in these different sprays or is it just another example of mass marketers selling the public a bill of goods?

I might add that I only use the spray on the outdoor grill and in baking.

Akk opinions are welcomed. Thank you.

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  1. I buy the butter flavored spray. I use the spray when I'm frying eggs and potatoes and greasing a casserole pan. My parents use the olive oil spray. I'm not sure if it makes much difference as far as taste goes..

    1. I always look for one that is pure oil (of whatever kind) without any flavoring or other nasty stuff. OO sprays can be limiting...they're not so good for spraying a cake pan or muffin tin, so I generally choose a neutral, corn-oil spray.

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        I used TJ's olive oil spray to scramble eggs in the other morning, and found the olive oil flavor too assertive. Which of the neutral ones do you prefer?

        1. re: heidipie

          Like Celeste, I prefer the TJ's corn oil spray.

      2. This is a case where you want to read the labels. Personally, I try to decrease the chemicals when possible. I've tried the butter flavored spray and found it had an artificial taste - sort of like those Butter Buds - fat free butter flavoring. Trader Joe's sells an olive oil spray with no chemicals except "non-fluorocarbon propellant". That is important to me, the environment - greenhouse gases and all. So, I use it for casseroles, to short cut some of the layers with phyllo dough, for oven potato fries and roasted veg., stir fries, omelets - that sort of thing. But olive oil and desserts don't usually mix. I think you'll like the TJ's olive oil spray for savory cooking. One last point: avoid inhaling the aerosol oil particles - very bad for the lungs.

        1. For baking pans, I use oil sprays with flour (this replaces the whole "butter and flour your baking pan" step). My favorite is Baker's Joy. I find the Pam w/ flour to be so-so in its release.
          For everything else, I use a basic canola oil spray

          1. Or you could forego all of these disgusting oils and use a brush to spread a small amount of oil around. They cannot possibly be good for you.

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              For me, who loves to make my own spanakopita, discovering I could cut down the labor intensive brushing of butter on 20 sheets of terribly fragile phyllo dough - tearing on each brushstroke, by spraying half of them with olive oil spray, which doesn't damage the phyllo, was a lifesaver. Before, I was exhausted after making a tray of spanakopita. Now, I probably only put about a half hour labor into it and I make them whenever I feel like it, which is a lot more often. And considering I'd rather eat spanakopita than just about anything - that spray olive oil is a miracle, I tell ya!