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Nov 9, 2006 04:00 PM

best restaurant for $25 promotion?

I (a chicagohound) will go to Seattle tomorrow and stay for three nights. I am searching some places to eat and found that there is $25 (three course prix-fixed menu) promotion on some of the restaurants in Seattle during November.

Which restaurant would be the best? I am thinking Etta's, Flying Fish, Oceanaire (these are the names I found good, didn't explore others in the list, yet). I found one reviewer here that Etta's deal is great because they offer full-size (no small portion) and all menus (no trimmed menu). I don't know the other restaurants.

I want to try some of great seafood there, like salmon, crabs, mussels, etc (please recommend any dishes I might like). Also, which time (lunch at $12.50 or dinner at $25) would you prefer? Any differences in portion and menu between the two?
BTW, I just found I have to go to dinner because it is good only Sun (dinner only) - Thur.

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  1. Have you seen the 25 for $25 website (linked below)? Definitely check out each place's menu offerings before choosing. Since you want salmon, mussels and crab, you might just have to look at all the promotional menu options to see if anyone is offering those items-after a cursory look I don't see much of them. I rarely go to this promotion anymore because what is offered for $25 is almost never what I want to eat, and I end up ordering off the regular menu. It usually works out, price-wise, that when I have done the promotion it's just like I got a free dessert, which also isn't generally enough to make me eat somewhere that I wasn't inclined to eat in the first place. So while I'm not really trying to discourage you, if you really want those seafood items and no one has them on the $25 menu, don't feel like you're missing something tremendous if you end up going to another restaurants.

    But, there are undeniably a lot of very good restaurants on that list. The promotion notwithstanding Zoe is probably my favorite. Campagne would be a top notch choice, too. I'm sure Etta's would be good and it looks like they are one of the only places to offer a salmon choice. I haven't been to Flying Fish in years so no comment there. I'd skip Oceanaire if I were you-I haven't been, so that's not based on the quality of the food, but since it is a chain you can eat there in lots of cities.

    Oh, and for a good deal on mussels, go to the happy hour at Maximilien Bistro in the Pike Place Market. And for the best deal on great salmon, get a grilled salmon sandwich (or have it over rice) at the Market Grill, also in the Market. $11.95 for as fresh and well cooked piece of fish as you'll get at any restaurant (fyi counter seating only).

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      I second the suggestion of Maximillien's Mussels. They are incredible. (I especially like the atmosphere in the upstairs bar compared to downstairs.) I have not been to Earth & Ocean since they changed chefs. However, last year, Earth & Ocean offered some exceptional bargains for a $25.00 meal.

    2. I agree with the posting above in that I usually want to choose something other that the $25 menu at these places. Be that as it may, from the list I'd seriously consider Zoe, Champagne and Eva.

      1. Agreed. Zoe does a great job with 25/$25...

        1. If you are not bound and determined to stick to these $25 promotions and are looking for good sushi (Seattle has some of the best in the country) I would advise a trip across the water to Issaquah. If you don't have a rental car it may be challenging but you should check out Sushiman if you get a chance. All of their salmon is wild from Alaska and it is the best I have ever had, anywhere. The owner, Bobby, is a former sumo wrestler and can often be found behind the bar. Not sure if sushi is on your list but if so, this is the place to go.

          1. I didn't see Chez Shea on the list but they do have a $25 menu right now. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle.


            Get a table by the window so you can see The Market and Elliott Bay.