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Nov 9, 2006 03:34 PM

Zenkichi in Williamsburg?

Hey, has anyone gotten a chance to eat at Zenkichi, the new izakaya in W'burg? We stopped in on Saturday night but it was all booked with people who had reservations. Anyone been and could report?

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  1. i'm wondering about zenkichi too! i may go in a couple weeks and will be sure to post if i do.

    1. yep, we went last night so here's my review. it was packed. very fun if odd tri-level space, w/ hidden booths, bamboo stone gardens and mirrors. also, you push a button to call service. pretty fun.

      the somewhat limited regular menu has lots of oddball izakaya stuff that you need to carefully peruse, but we gravitated more toward standards. there are also a very limited sake menu and a specials menu. four of us shared everything, which is the way to go.

      we had pork, miso cod and a mixed sashimi plate (these were nominally main dishes). we also had the chicken wings, zenkichi salad, miso soup & veg tempura.

      i thought the fatty pork was outstanding and the rest was just ok standard japanese food. everyone else also loved the miso cod, but i thought eh it was just ok. i think these were from the specials page.

      i had a sweetish, cloudy white unfiltered sake and later a more typical version, the driest one, whatever it was. i liked them both. tho brief, the sake list seems a well chosen variety.

      i think spent $175 total w/ tip for four, that includes two sakes each. also, fyi we all thought what we ordered above was just the right amount of food for a fulfilling dinner. i dk if i'd go back, but i wouldn't turn up my nose at it either. it fulfills its function for small groups and grazing.

      1. We went on Thursday before a party at Steiner Studios....we pretty much had the same as mmyc above...we also had the homemade Tofu which was very runny.....Miso Cod was nice....and the sakes were decent...nothing struck me as great....except the nice plates and bowls they served the food seemed like a strange place where all the waitresses were identical and gothic....we spent $123 for 4 adults....just enough food.....

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          Dressed identical? like a uniform maybe or what exactly are you trying to say?

          Zenkichi is great, like being back in Tokyo, I only did the omasake however.

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          1. I went once and really liked it. I went a few months ago and can't give any in-depth evaluations of what I ordered but I really enjoyed the miso cod, some mushroom dish that was delicious, and the sake I had (sorry, not very descriptive). I liked the eccentric set-up. I thought it was fun without being the least bit gimmicky. It's very labyrinth-like and has separate little cubicles (for lack of a better word) for the small tables. Very good dining experience.