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New Jackson Heights/Elmhurst Thai

Sabay Thai & Seafood, 75-19 Broadway (former Malaysian Rasa Sayag) opening tomorrow. Very reasonably priced and some interesting items such as Manhattan Chowder, Shrimp Scampi, Stuffed Shrimp, Fisherman Platter, clams on half shell, spicy catfish, chu chee salmon, lobster tail, lobster tail combination, whole lobster, Thai Steak Tartar. Plus all the basic Thai dishes.

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  1. Mike -- Have you tried Sabay yet? I'll probably check it out this week...was just wondering what you thought.

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      I haven't been to Sabay yet but plan to this week. I walked by and stopped in yesterday when I noticed two familiar faces. A waiter and the cashier who were with Malaysian Rasa Sayag. I plan to order
      one of the seafood entrees. The waiter recommended most of the seafood entrees especially Seafood Red Curry (shrimp, scallops and squid with mixed vegetable). I believe the waiter's name is Steve and he speaks excellent English and was always helpful when it was Rasa Sayag. The place has a pleasant new look. Hope the food is good. ThaiSon Vietnemse nearby on 74th St is having it's Grand Opening on Tuesday. Two new additions to the neighborhood. I plan to try both this week.

    2. Rice Avenue on Roosevelt is a really nice place for Thai as well.

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        rice avenue is a "nice" spot for sure -- very comfortable, very nice service. the food, however, leaves a lot to be desired, particularly the "spicy" dishes, which are uniformly sweet and off-kilter. the satays and grilled fish are actually decent enough, though.

      2. Rasa Sayang will be missed. I'm not sure this area really needs yet another Thai restaurant.

        1. Al, I agree that the area doesn't need another Thai. Neighbors ordered by phone and had several dishes delivered from Sabay on Saturday and they were not impressed. They prefer Arunee for delivery and Sripraphai when they dine out. I tried Rice twice for lunch and was disappointed. I now walk an extra few blocks to Sripraphai. What the area needs is a good Vietnamese Restaurant and I'm hoping ThaiSon which opens tomorrow is good. I like PHO BUC in Elmhurst but it's a long a walk.

          1. What did your neighbors order?

            I particulary enjoyed the curry puff, beef goy, lad nah, and the chu chee salmon. My friends who ate with me said it was "different" taste. They give American sized portions with reasonable prices compared with other Thai restaurants who give a very small amount and charge big bucks. The atmosphere in the restaurant was very warm. Even though they just started, I'll give them time til the kitchen breaks in.

            Steve was my waiter and he was a really nice and funny guy.

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            1. Neighbors didn't say what they ordered. I don't see them very often. However, I plan to visit soon possibly tomorrow. I also like Steve from the Rasa Sayag days.

              1. I went today for lunch special (5.95 or 6.95 shrimp). I had the Shrimp Red Curry with mixed vegetables in coconut milk and basil. It was outstanding. It's served in a large bowl with a mound of rice on the side. A dinner size portion with 5 medium shrimp, crispy vegetables and a great mildly spiced broth. They have 12 entrees for lunch. Includes soup or salad. I ordered the soup which I didn't like. It was a chicken broth with a large amount of what seemed to be seaweed. Awful but it didn't matter since the entree was more than enough and well worth $6.95. I plan to return again for lunch and next time will order the salad. The waiter Steve is really nice. The atmosphere is also nice. I went at 1:45PM and they had at least 10 for lunch which isn't bad considering they just opened.

                1. I had dinner there over the weekend. Red Curry with chicken was YUMMY! Chicken pad thai was a little salty but I prefer it to the bland version at Arunee & the sweet version almost everywhere else. Ice tea was fine. It's byob til they get their liquor license.

                  The people are warm and familiar (owner? patted my friend on the back and thanked us for coming) and seem to already have a regular flow of diners. I saw two tables having fried fish which I must try next time. I went back today for takeout and they gave me the wrong order but I ate it anyway cuz I was hungry. It'll probably become a regular place for me.

                  1. hello everyone... just wanna speak out about my experience with this thai restaurant... i went there last night and ordered fried chicken wings, fried calamari, rice, basil chicken, and num tok pork to take home. the staff there were extremely friendly and helpful. i will have to give them a point for that. they greeted me nicely and even offered me a glass of water which is rarely when you go for takeout. However, when I got home and started looking through the bags, I realized that the rice was missing and I already paid for that. But it's still okay I guess I can forgive that. Then, when I started to eat the fried chicken wing, the first bite was almost making me puke. The chicken was still raw inside. I was so disappointed that I had to throw the chicken away even if I have the other option of re-cooking it myself. If that's the case, I guess I should just cook the food myself in the first place. No need to order for takeout right? The calamari was okay but it could have been a little better.The num tok pork was alright too. I told them to make it spicy but I guess they forgot to put the spicyness into it. After all, I don't think I will ever return to this restaurant ever again!! Horrible experience.

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                      Well, now we know how it's doing, one year in. Shame you had such an unpleasant experience.

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                        I eat their often,
                        its not that bad as you say , didn't have uncooked food here, maybe you were just unlucky.

                        I liked the fish filet with the onion sauce or something, lol forgot.
                        lunch special is always a deal,

                        don't like the pad thai much,
                        curry was decent
                        fish was better

                        but very good deal for the prices.

                        I think its ran by 4 women.

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                          I wish they re-open Rasa Sayang - it was ok, but couple of dishes they made well. I miss it, especially on the days like yesterday - under weather, needing some asian soup, Srip. closed (Wed) and Thaison being just ok...

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                            Rasa Sayang had an incredible Sea Food Soup with rice noodles. It was a huge bowl for just $7.95 that was difficult to finish. I visit ThaiSon often for Pho Bo Kho (stewed beef cubes & Tendon Noodle Soup with Noodles). Lots of tender meat. Very spicy but so good. Well worth $5.75.

                            1. re: Mike V

                              Thanks, Mike, I'll try it next time. We ended up going to Lao bei Fan. I had a huge bowl of preserved vegetables soup with noodles, my BF stewed beef and tendon noodle soup, plus guo tei and 1 order of tea eggs. We were stuffed and took extra home - total came to $11. I love Queens.

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                                Welle, I'm a big supporter of Lao Bei Fang and it's so cheap. Just love those pork & chive dumplings. Next time you go bring home 50 frozen dumpling ($10). In rapidly boiling water add dumplings and cook for 10 minutes. They double package the dumplings which eliminates freezer burn. Also, a friend of mine loves the Fried Soft Shell Crabs at ThaiSon. Called Cua Lot Chien Bo. Delicate battered & gently fried soft shell crabs with scallion & onion topping. This friend's husband likes the Frog Legs which is not for me but I may try the Crabs.

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                                  yup, i buy a bag every time I go. that's my "got home late, starving" go-to food. I end up eating even if not strapped for time... and thanks for the Thaison recs.

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                                    there is a great soft-shell crab curry at My Thai on Dongan Avenue, just off Broadway.