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Nov 9, 2006 03:25 PM

New Jackson Heights/Elmhurst Thai

Sabay Thai & Seafood, 75-19 Broadway (former Malaysian Rasa Sayag) opening tomorrow. Very reasonably priced and some interesting items such as Manhattan Chowder, Shrimp Scampi, Stuffed Shrimp, Fisherman Platter, clams on half shell, spicy catfish, chu chee salmon, lobster tail, lobster tail combination, whole lobster, Thai Steak Tartar. Plus all the basic Thai dishes.

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  1. Mike -- Have you tried Sabay yet? I'll probably check it out this week...was just wondering what you thought.

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      I haven't been to Sabay yet but plan to this week. I walked by and stopped in yesterday when I noticed two familiar faces. A waiter and the cashier who were with Malaysian Rasa Sayag. I plan to order
      one of the seafood entrees. The waiter recommended most of the seafood entrees especially Seafood Red Curry (shrimp, scallops and squid with mixed vegetable). I believe the waiter's name is Steve and he speaks excellent English and was always helpful when it was Rasa Sayag. The place has a pleasant new look. Hope the food is good. ThaiSon Vietnemse nearby on 74th St is having it's Grand Opening on Tuesday. Two new additions to the neighborhood. I plan to try both this week.

    2. Rice Avenue on Roosevelt is a really nice place for Thai as well.

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        rice avenue is a "nice" spot for sure -- very comfortable, very nice service. the food, however, leaves a lot to be desired, particularly the "spicy" dishes, which are uniformly sweet and off-kilter. the satays and grilled fish are actually decent enough, though.

      2. Rasa Sayang will be missed. I'm not sure this area really needs yet another Thai restaurant.

        1. Al, I agree that the area doesn't need another Thai. Neighbors ordered by phone and had several dishes delivered from Sabay on Saturday and they were not impressed. They prefer Arunee for delivery and Sripraphai when they dine out. I tried Rice twice for lunch and was disappointed. I now walk an extra few blocks to Sripraphai. What the area needs is a good Vietnamese Restaurant and I'm hoping ThaiSon which opens tomorrow is good. I like PHO BUC in Elmhurst but it's a long a walk.

          1. What did your neighbors order?

            I particulary enjoyed the curry puff, beef goy, lad nah, and the chu chee salmon. My friends who ate with me said it was "different" taste. They give American sized portions with reasonable prices compared with other Thai restaurants who give a very small amount and charge big bucks. The atmosphere in the restaurant was very warm. Even though they just started, I'll give them time til the kitchen breaks in.

            Steve was my waiter and he was a really nice and funny guy.

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