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Nov 9, 2006 03:20 PM

Soccer Fields are closed-where are the huaraches now?

I thoroughly enjoyed this summer at the Red Hook Soccer Fields but now its over for the season and I miss my fresh, hot huaraches con todos. I've read that the Jirasol Bakery on 5th and 22nd in Park Slope has huaraches? True? I've been going there for tacos (their chicken is delicious) and their cuban sandwich (not really a cuban more like ham, lettuce, and mayo but still tasty) but I never saw any huarches on the "menu".

Anyone know where I can get my huaraches fix in either Park Slope or Sunset Park (I might even venture into Manhattan if you can convince me).

Also, as a tip for anyone looking for great papusas you can find them at El Continental on 5th Ave and 21(?) in Park Slope. I think this is the same people who made them at the Soccer Fields.

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  1. Bayridge Acapulco Restaurant (7218 3rd Ave (at 72nd)) has them. It's a nice little place w/ tacos, tortas, & fruit drinks as well.

    Have not had huaraches anywhere else, so I cannot guarantee that you will love them, but I think the place is competitive w/ Sunset Park torta and taco-wise.

    1. la fe grocery in south sunset park (main drag -- is it 5th? -- and 55th or 56th -- it's really far south) has by far the best huarache i've had in NY.

      1. Thanks...I've heard of la fe. Do you know if the tortillas are made fresh?

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          yes, they roll out the tortillas for huaraches (though not for tacos -- the taco tortillas are from the usual sources) right there. very living-room-ish. their pozole (weekends only i think) is also exc.

        2. Are you willing to travel? If yes, then try Taqueria Coatzingo in Jackson Heights. Roosevelt and 76th Street.

          Their entrees look really good, too.