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Thai in Miami

Where can I find good thai green curry in miami? preferrably south miami area - thanks.

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  1. I have never tried green curry, but I did have good Thai in South Miami at Siam Lotus Room. It's been about five years, and I've noticed from the sleek new Web site that they have new owners. Whether this is a good thing or not I don't know, but it's close to you so I suggest giving them a shot:

    EDIT: Menu indicates green curry, at the bottom.

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      Thanks - I did try them last year, and they use chinese rice for their thai dishes! Frozen veggies too - I guess they went downhill. Thanks anyhow.

    2. Tamarind. It's not in South Miami, but it's some of the better Thai food anywhere in 305.

        1. I like Siam Bayshore on 79th Street Causeway, although their green curry is not their best dish (for some reason the eggplant gets too soggy). Actually like Siam Bayshore better than Tamarind, even though Tamarind's got a famous (in London, at least) chef. I've often found Tamarind to be bland, even when requesting spicy.

          1. I absolutely agree with Frodnesor - The Siam Bayshore Thai on the 79th Street Causeway far exceeds Tamarind... also check out Panya Thai 520 NE 167th St North Miami Beach in the strip shopping mall no-man's-land near the hot lights of Krispy Kreme...

            MMMMmmmmmmm! Hot Doughnuts...


            1. World Resources on the Lincoln Mall in South Beach has pretty good green curry and great green papaya salad

              1. Thai House trumps WR in sobe and neither are as good as tamarind. Gotta try Siam Bayshore now...

                1. Siam Bayshore is never a place I'd list among greatest restaurants in Miami or anything, but I think they do very good, reliable Thai. My favorites:
                  Spicy Beef Salad
                  Green Papaya Salad (just tried this for the first time a few days ago and it was excellent)
                  Yam Woon Sen (cellophane noodles w/ ground pork)
                  Panang Curry Chicken
                  Pad Thai
                  Masaman Curry
                  Siam Bayshore Fried Rice (w/ veg, chicken, shrimp and pineapple)
                  and my kids love the Thai Donuts.

                  The Panang over the fried rice made my 6 yr old daughter a convert to Thai food, and she usually rejects anything slightly spicy.

                  One thing I do like about Tamarind is that the menu has a little more variety. I find it so baffling that there is such diversity in Thai cooking yet you see the exact same half-dozen dishes in every Thai restaurant in SoFl.

                  The sushi at Siam Bayshore is OK at best, by the way.

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                    I have to disagree. I think that Tamarind is far superior to Siam Bayshore. I have never had a bad dish at Tamarind and thought that Siam Bayshore was really bad when I went there. It is Sushi and Thai and both are not done well. I would consider it like an asian Denny's and would not recommend it as a quality option. Tamarind is consistant with fresh good quality food. I think the menu at Tamarind is a little limited and would like to see some new dishes, but it is at least a viable asian option in a town that is short on decent Chinese, Thai or Japanese restaurants.

                  2. I've found reliable and delicious Thai at Maleewan on NE 123rd Street in the San Souci plaza between Biscayne Blvd. and the Broad Causeway. It's also a Japanese/Thai blend (what's with that trend anyway?) restaurant. It's unpretentious and friendly and the owners are always on site. And I too, big kid that I am, love thai donuts. Yum!

                    1. My officemate swears by Siam bayshore as well, so I guess I'll try it out! Thanks for all your input