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Nov 9, 2006 03:03 PM

Ferry Bldg Farmer's Market - Must-Haves that Travel?

My very lovely friends are going to SF for the weekend, making a Saturday stop at the Farmer's Market. They've generously offered to bring me some items back (I live on the East Coast). From the boards, here's what I'm requesting. Am I missing anything? Any particular recs from the market?

A quick perusal of the boards recommends these items:

June Taylor Jams - probably Cherry and Almond
The Fatted Calf - jerkey or something meaty and delicious

Any other excellent things? Honeys, preserves, smoked meats, amazing nuts, excellent chocolates/sweets/dried fruits, hard cheeses that they'll wrap for travel?

Many many thanks! (Oh, and I want this to be fairly easy on them, so nothing too pungeant that can't be contained or perishable.)

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  1. The mushroom store sells black truffle salt ($25), and a black truffle sampler (truffle salt, truffle pate, and truffle slices) for about the same price. I brought the sampler for 2 relatives in NJ and they loved it. Cowgirl Creamery carries the Apple Farm's jams and chutneys, which my mom always asks for. Cowgirl has lots of hard cheeses and can also ship.

    1. Frog Hollow Farms Orange Marmalade. I don't even usually like orange marmalade that much, but this stuff is incredible. Like all-natural candy that you can spread on stuff. It's like crack (in a good way!). Most of their other preserves/jams are awesome, also. My girlfriend loves their apple butter, but I'm not sure if they have that one right now.

      I also love Stone House extra-virgin olive oil. Their regular house oil is my go-to cooking oil, I like how it's really grassy. They also have a few good flavored olive oils (lime, orange, etc), a great white balslamic (and regular) vinegar and a couple other un-flavored olive oils. They're all very good.

      1. 1. Bariani Olive Oil - the best

        2. Swanson's Strawberry Jam

        3. Boulette's Larder has unusual spices/seasonings

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        1. re: smp

          You know, I used to love Bariani, but I feel that their oils were off this year. I like bitter, peppery notes in my EVOO, but Bariani was just too bitter this season and it gave everything I used it in an off flavor. Now that I've discovered Round Pond and Dutch Henry EVOOs I don't think I'll ever go back to Bariani.

          1. re: Morton the Mousse

            You know, I thought I was just imagining it, but I think you're right. HOWEVER, the bottle I just bought last weekend at Alemany was pretty darned good again. Have you tried the "October Harvest"? Try a sample the next time you're out.

            1. re: foodiegrl

              The October Harvest is what I usually buy. I've actually spoken to three other Bariani lovers who came to the same conclusion independently. We all agreed: we normally love it, this year it was just a bit off, and you almost think you're imagining it, but you're not.

              I might give Bariani another shot this Spring, after the new batches come out. But I will definitely taste before I buy.

              If you're ever in Napa, the wine country makes some damn fine EVOOs:

          2. re: smp

            Do you mean SWANTON's strawberry jam? The local place - in Watsonville area?

            If so, I agree that it's fantastic. Made from their organic berries.

            1. re: oakjoan

              Yes I did mean SWANTON'S - thanks for the correction.

              They are located in Davnport near Santa Cruz.

          3. How much time between this Saturday and when your friends will see you? I'm tempted to recommend something other than jerky from Fatted Calf. They have some things that will keep for 4-7 days that are much better than the jerky.

            Don't get your heart set on a specific June Taylor jam; they're constantly changing and they're all incredible.

            If Andante has any hard cheese, I'd opt for that over Cowgirl Creamery. Rancho Gordo beans are a must.

            1. Meyer lemons are in season now. Unless something has changed, I don't think these are available on the East Coast. Or there is the meyer lemon/caramelized onion jam from LuLu which is a staple in our house for sandwiches, pan sauces and salad dressings, not to mention nibbling with cheese.

              I'm not a big brownie fan in general, but Recchiuti's brownies give me fits (in a good way). They are packaged and would travel well.

              If Terra Vegetables has her smoked onions, get some! They are dried and weigh almost nothing but they add the most amazing flavor to darned near anything.

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              1. re: Pistou

                We grew Meyer lemons in Florida. Satsumas on the other hand are much harder to find on the east coast.

                To the list above, I'll add the natilla (goat cheese caramel) from Bodega Goat Farm, a rosemary Meyer lemon bread from Della Fattoria, and some local honey (avocado, blackberry, lavender).

                Also the nuts and walnut brittle from the place out front- Van Wyck?

                I dislike most of the Recchiuti chocolates except the ginger hearts, fleur de sels, and rose caramels. Might be best to pick our your own assortment.