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Nov 9, 2006 02:58 PM

Pie crust shields

Every Thanksgiving I fuss n' cuss when applying foil to my pie crusts to keep them from over-browning; damn things always fall off, etc., and I vow to buy pie crust shields. Can anyone recommend a good brand or source? Are they adjustable or do they only come in one size? Thanks, chowhound bakers!

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  1. I don't like them. Not sure what kind I had (I threw them all out), but i am back to tin foil, sprayed with a little pam to keekp from sticking. I would be interested to see if they are any good ones out there, as I, too, really don't like using tin foil.

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      Reynolds now makes a tin foil with a non-stick side.

    2. We made our own pie shield out of a few layers of aluminum foil. The nonstick spray is a great idea.

      1. I think Food & Wine just did a blurb about pie shields. It could've been Gourmet. The kind recommended against all the rest, was a quarter round stiff aluminum shield that set on top of the edge ever so slightly. Using four shields, or six, you could get good coverage. They tested for browning and crisping, and ease of use. I am on the hunt for these with no luck. I'll look at the article again to see where they can be bought and post back.

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          I have those thinbgs and hate them. They are difficult to apply especially when the pie is hot, they tend to fall off and they are difficult to store withput bending and getting a bit crumpled.

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            I agree - and they're not so "stiff" so as to not bend in the cabinet if something gets put on top of them.

            I know I've seen whole pie shields that fit over a certain size pie - haven't seen them, however. Folded foil works just fine.

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            Sebby & I bought these at ChefWorks in Santa Cruz, CA - it's a set of 4 (or is it 6?) crescents, and they cost next to nothing. From our limited use thus far, they seem to work well. They're fiddly to put/keep on, feel fragile, and they are a pain to clean, however.

            I, too, am intrigued by the silicone crust protectors.

          3. Here are both aluminum 9" and 10" and a silicon shield at Cook's Wares


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              The aluminum ones look like what I had- and threw away. WOuld not recommend. I wonder about the silicone models?

            2. I'm with the camp that doesn't like the aluminum ones. I had the quarter ones and they didn't fit pie crust edges that were more than the plain flattened ones (like the wavy pattern you do w/ your fingers and thumb that is a little higher or ones where you tuck it under). Actually, it didn't stick on the flat crusts either but even worst w/ others.

              I wonder if the silicon shield would be like the silicon liners for cookies where it holds in more moisture so the crust won't be as flakey. If there's weight to it, like a silicon mat, I wonder if it would crush a crust.